11 Most Productive Hobbies to Start Now

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Hobbies are not luxury. Actually in our current mad world they should be listed as a basic human need. And this is because any productive hobby can be a great way to release stress and increase happiness. 

As well as many of us have a daily exhausting routine, where we commute, go to work, make dinner, scroll down through different social channels then sleep. But this kind of lifestyle limits the brain and reduces creativity. With time you find yourself seeing things from a very narrow window and losing interest or enthusiasm in different things. 

Hobbies not only help us de-stress and cope with anxiety but also help improve our brain’s cognitive functions and fine-motor skills. This means our brains will continue developing and expanding. They can be a great way for self-improvement as well.

To top it all, hobbies can be productive ones. Productive hobbies can open many doors to you. Interestingly as I will explain in the list below, each hobby introduces the ability to provide a second income. Imagine you making money from working on something you enjoy and which doesn’t include any pressure! 

If you are still doubting check these benefits that constructive hobbies provide:

  • Relieve stress: it allows you to unwind and embrace the second day with better energy. 
  • Stretch your brain: productive hobbies make you think and allow you to learn new things.
  • Give joy: there is a joyful feeling in seeing something you created. 
  • Better time management: well, this comes with time. Once you become really invested in your hobby, you will structure your time in a better way to make sure you have time for your hobby. 
  • Hobbies can become a second income: especially in today’s world almost every productive hobby can become a second income. 
  • Meet new people: you will get to meet with people who share the same interests as you and have many deep discussions that will allow you to explore your hobby more. 
  • Having a hobby makes you more interesting. 

Before we explore a bunch of productive hobbies that you can take up, it is important to remember that you should choose something that excites you and to develop the right habits that allows you to stick to it.

So let’s start:

1- Painting:

Painting can be a great way to release stress. The white paper or canva will be your own space to express your emotions and feelings. And the best thing with art is that it has no judgement. There is not right or wrong, it is only what your eyes see, your preferences and your judgement. 

If painting is in your interest you can start experiencing different types of it. By taking up this productive hobby you will have the chance to improve your focus and attention to details, improve your creativity and ease your brain. to mention a few. 

Not only that, painting is indeed a useful hobby because it can become a source of income. You don’t have to paint a very complicated masterpiece for it to be sold. You can start with small projects and use them to decorate your own home. Introduce your social circle to your work and start making small commissions. 

2- Play an Instrument:

Learning how to play an instrument can be really engaging and fun. Also it is quite relaxing. I mean who doesn’t enjoy music! 

Playing an instrument has a lot of associations with better cognitive skills. And many studies said that playing an instrument can raise IQ by up to seven points.

Same as painting, music has different variations. And you have to pick which touches your heart. Take a tour at an instruments store, and see which one interests you the most. 

Learning to play an instrument won’t be that hard with today’s apps. Apps like Piano Nanny or Justine Guitar can be a good start to teach yourself. 

And remember you can at some point start making your own music and publish it on spotify! 

3- Writing:

Not enough words to describe this. But surely it can be the most productive hobby of all! Writing can turn to blogging and do you have any idea how many people are making tons of money out of blogging?

This allows you to communicate your ideas and feelings. Also when you pick a topic to write about, through the process you will get to learn a lot of things. 

All you have to do is to choose the main topic of the blog. Are you interested in traveling? Or fashion?  Start searching for related topics and start your own blog! The journey will fascinate you. 

4- Volunteering:

This hoppy might not earn you money but it is definitely a fulfilling hobby. 

And volunteering can be in many ways. If you have good teaching skills you can reach out to less fortunate families and offer lessons to the kids. You can volunteer at a shelter. Or help cook food to elderly people. 

Also participating in social volunteering like cleaning up the neighborhood can be a quite productive hobby.

The rewarding feeling you will get is so profound and definitely will add a lot to you. 

5- Learn a New Language:

This is a very productive hobby that will pay you back in different ways. 

When you are bilingual or trilingual you will have different opportunities. First it will be an impressive addition to your cv. It will help you pave your way to a new country. And maybe allow you to try some fun jobs such as giving tourists tours. 

Also learning languages improves our memories. It just requires discipline and patience to learn a new language. 

You don’t have to attend a course or make it sound as another commitment. Apps such as Doulingo will help you learn in a fun and engaging way. 

6- Exercising: 

Exercising can be the most rewarding hobby. Especially nowadays with the quarantine and the limitation on our movements, our bodies need exercise more than ever. 

Also exercising has many benefits, it reduces stress, increases mental health, and lowers the risk for different illnesses. 

But also it doesn’t stop here, exercising will give you high self confidence once you see those abs taking shape.

And it also can become a productive hobby. A friend of mine who is so committed to sport, was offered by his coach to take the official classes to take the coaching certificate. Now he is a part time coach! 

7- Cooking:

Cooking has many advantages. First it is super rewarding to eat fresh amazing handmade dishes, and second it will help you save money and become healthier. But it goes beyond this, cooking can be a very therapeutic hobby to develop. It is a way to get physically engaged and forget about any other problem. 

And when it is your friend’s birthday you can surprise them with a nice homemade cake! Or cook a nice dinner to your friends group gathering. 

Some friends of friends I know have come up with an amazing chocolate spread. They wanted to sell it so they kept it so simple, made a nice packaging and started an Instagram page. Now many know them! 

It gets better, I know couples who are so interested in cooking that they started a youtube channel! 

Cooking can be intimidating only when you don’t have the right recipe, or a recipe that is highly costly. But with websites such as Allrecipes it gets easier.

8- Photography:

If you take a lot of photos for unique things then you must work more on this skill. 

You can take some online classes from Udemy. Also on YouTube there are plenty of channels that offer tips for free. Then you can sell your pictures on websites like Shutterstock or Etsy. Or even start an Instagram page and start marketing your work. 

Check some professional photographers that inspire you, and choose your theme. You don’t have to pressure yourself, just go at your own pace. But it is surely a quite promising nd productive hobby. 

9- Graphic Design:

Sky is your limit here. If you are interested in design and visual things. Then this can become a source of good income. 

Graphic designers can work as freelancers.  So you can keep your job and do this as a hustle. 

Always a good start is to show your work on social platforms then chances are limitless. Simply because everything needs design, from shirts to mugs to Ads. you name it. 

There are many classes to learn working on software such as Illustrator or Photoshop. Also Canva can be a good start. Where it is an online tool you can start experimenting there and see how much you get involved in the process. 

This is indeed a productive hobby and definitely worth giving it a shot. 

10- Craft Making:

If you are a handy person and doesn’t like to waste things then this can be your second stop. 

Many websites and YouTube channels right now talk about DIY and handmade things. 

Better than that, many people are doing handmade things then selling them online. 

From wall decoration to baskets. Ideas are countless. And this productive hobby definitely unleashes your creativity. 

Check out Pinterest and related websites. You can start to decorate your own home, even maybe start your own blog and start selling your work. 

11- Reading:

Reading can be a great way to release stress, detach you from daily problems and teach you great things simultaneously. 

In today’s world, reading became extinct. Everyone wants quick access to info, or a summary without a lot of effort. However entrepreneurs say that they read at least a 100 books per year. 

They do this because reading widens your imagination and educates you in a totally different way than the formal education you receive from school. Not to mention that developing such a productive hobby will give wider topics to talk about with people and make you look more interesting and intellectual. 

Constructive hobbies not only allow you to use your time more efficiently. But also improve your quality of life and increase your happiness. In addition, In hard times when you feel you need some grounding your hobby can become your safe and stress relieving zone. 

Watching Netflix or scrolling through Twitter or Instagram for hours is diminishing your creativity, planning and cognitive skills.

While it is nice to watch a movie or a series every now and then, engaging with all your senses in a particular hobby is a totally different experience. 

But some people claim that there isn’t enough time to take up a hobby. Well the truth is that we have a lot of wasted time every single day. It is just that between life’s responsibilities and work, at the end of the day we feel jaded and out of energy. This is why developing good habits can assist you in committing more to new useful and productive hobbies. 

And don’t forget that hobbies increase your happiness level and quality of life.  

Furkan Patan

Digital Marketer & Traveller. Blogger @HowToMotivateMe & @OlmeGormeden

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