Being Selfish Is Good – 5 Perfect Reasons To Be Selfish

Selfishness has always had a negative connotation. if you are being selfish then probably it will be misinterpreted with you being self centered and disregarding others. However, being selfish is good for you and it has a positive side when done properly. And this is our topic for today.

Selfishness. Is it good or bad? Let me answer this. When it comes to self-care, definitely being selfish is good for you. But not in the traditional sense of the word.

I mean, there is a thin line between being a fully centered, selfish person and you taking healthy care of yourself so you can have room to give to others. Understanding this difference can create a huge effect on your personal life.

According to psychology experts, even though the fact that being called selfish can not feel as a compliment, and it hurts somehow, if you can apply this habit as a trait in your life, it can make you a better person. Let’s give an ear to Robert Tew’s quote about being selfish:

“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.”

Long story short, the boot is on the other foot now. And I’ll prove you this by giving 5 perfect reasons to be a selfish person.

5 Perfect Reasons Why Being Selfish Is Good To You

Before putting down the reasons of why being selfish is good for you, I just want to compress how much this could be good for others too. Maybe you are not going to believe this but no matter how hard you try, you can’t bring joy to people in your life when you are trying to abandon taking care of yourself for the sake of pleasing them.

First of all, you can’t care for others if you can’t take care of yourself. This is a rule of thumb that can be sensed by everyone but no one uses it. Second, as a principle, you need to be honest about your personality. Trust me, this is way better than hiding it. This will prevent any future damage in your relationships with friends, family, partner.

  1. Selfishness Will Make You A Happier Person
  2. Selfishness Will Create Time For You To Do Things You Love
  3. Selfishness Will Make You Happy Physically and Emotionally
  4. Selfishness Will Make You Successful When It Comes To Leadership
  5. Selfishness Will Make You Follow Your Goals

1-Selfishness Will Make You A Happier Person

Who wants to be a happier person? Like I can see your hands up in the air. I’ll give you a hint.

Instead of doing activities with your friends that you don’t quite enjoy but only doing it because you love them, try to invest your time with things that actually cause you joy. I witnessed many people who chose to spend their time alone so they can have the luxury of doing what they actually want to do and let me assure you this: They are HAPPIER.

So, if being happier means that you need to be a selfish person then you need to be. You need to say NO. If one of your friends calls you to hang out but you want to stay at home. You need to say no, if the love of your life wants to watch a movie with you but you want to play games etc.

This can sound harsh a bit. And to be honest, if you say no to your love, probably you’ll need to face the music. You know what I mean. All kidding aside, if you can communicate who you are with others, this will make you a happier person. And eventually, people will understand you, and if they love you for real, they’ll try to create a new structure with you.

2-Being Selfish Will Create Time For You To Do Things You Love

In this article, we will talk about “saying no” more and more. Because, even though “NO” is just a word, spelling it when you need, is an art. Even if we know that saying no to something we don’t want will make us happy, We still tend to say yes.

There is something behind this behavior, neediness. People want to hear that they are right. People want to feel that they are receiving approval from others. This is why we are finding it in the heart to say “yes” more than “no”. We want to give people what they want in exchange for feeling approved.

Here is some bad news. Having the inability to say “no”, means that we are taking care of others more than ourselves. At the expense of our health and happiness! But according to self-care professionals, you need to protect your time to be able to show your talents in front of others. This is the only way to draw real attention from others.

In this way, you’ll protect your time to do things that you love. And you’ll find out your unique talents. And those talents will serve to others and the world around you as much as they will serve you.

3-Selfishness Will Make You Happy Physically and Emotionally

Let’s face this first. In this day and age, we are all overwhelmed by a ton of work to do. Some are coming from the company that we are working for, and some are coming from daily routines. Like taking kids to school, doing laundry, or grocery shopping.

But just for a moment, let’s think about this: Instead of doing laundry today, you decide to take the time to do something that you like. It could be anything. But I’ll give an example from myself. Running for 1 hour.

Before you say anything about the most important thing in your daily routine (which is “doing laundry” in this case), I’ll come up with the result: You will finish your laundries a bit later than you would have, and maybe you will need to go shopping a bit late, but on the other hand, you will feel energized and happy from exercising.

Many self-care professionals call this concept “healthy selfishness”. The fact is, we all have this behavior. Let’s think about everything we do for a living. Sleeping, eating, drinking water, speaking with friends, etc. We can associate all of those behaviors with health selfishness.

Like the things that we are naturally doing to survive, we need to apply other behaviors that we need in our lives to be healthy. We need to take time out to create “me time”, and to relax. In return, you will be happy, physically and emotionally.

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4-Selfishness Will Make You Successful When It Comes To Leadership

We are getting back to the beginning point under this topic. Taking care of yourself to be able to take care of others. According to studies, being selfish is an important key to be a successful leader. And being a successful leader means that you are leading others in a good way.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be harsh on everyone. But yes, this means that you can’t be kind every time. Because, as a leader, you must be confident, and less likely to give up on your goals. And you can observe those characteristics more in selfish people.

Selfish people are the ones who go after what they want, regardless of the obstacles they face on the way. And when they succeed, they are not afraid of taking another step to level up. It is up to you to be one of them. And when you start, you’ll see that you are taking care of others more than before.

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5-Selfishness Will Make You Follow Your Goals

Probably, you already set the goals that you want to reach, as soon as possible. But the thing is goals don’t achieve themselves if you don’t start working on them. Achieving goals requires hard work. As the phrase says “you need to sweat blood when you are running towards your life targets”.

To be honest, you can’t expect to reach your goals if you are too busy. And especially when most of your occupation is coming from others. This means, if you want to achieve your goals, you need to focus on you first.

When you start to spare more time to work on yourself, you’ll see the other benefits coming along with it. You’ll feel more confident, satisfied, and optimistic about your future plans.

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This was just a very short list of the pros of being selfish. There are plenty of reasons that you can come up with when it comes to self-improvement. If you have one of them, just share it with us to support others in this adventure!

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