Challenges To Overcome On The Way To Success And How To Beat Them

In this article, I wrote about challenges to overcome on the way to success. In the content, you will find some examples of challenges you might face while you are running towards your goals. And beneficial tips to beat them.

As humans, we have a constant desire inside of us. We want to work hard on our goals and reach success. But no matter how hard we want that, there are obstacles challenging us to stop our growth. They try to push us to give up on our dreams.

The key here is to remain calm under pressure and turning these challenges (or obstacles) to our advantage.

But how?

Disclaimer: Everything I wrote below depends on my experiences. Things can change when it comes to your journey. So, this is not a certain recipe that works for everyone.

Don’t forget: There is nothing wrong with stealing ideas from others. However, only you can prepare a recipe that is special to your situation.


What Are The Challenges To Overcome On The Way To Success? – 7 Challenges

7 challenges

Life with full of ups and downs. But from my own experiences, I can say that it is mostly full of downs. Don’t worry though. You can turn those downs into tools to use for yourself. I’ll explain how I beat them (at least I’m trying).

But first, I would like to share some challenges I faced until now. You might find familiar some of them.

Some are external factors: Relationship problems, issues at the office, financial struggles, living in a chaotic world.

Some are personal challenges: Laziness & procrastination, overthinking & the fear of failure, demand to reach success immediately.

Let’s dive into each.

1-Relationship Problems

This is something every human being can face at any moment of his/her life. Especially if you are one of those who devote yourself to self-improvement. Because people around you will want to put you in a shaped structure. But you’ll never want to stop exploring and growing.

This will create conflicts between you and your family, friends, fiance, spouse, etc. And even though you try to keep things flat, there will always be some relationship problems in your life.

2-Issues At the Office

Similar to relationship problems, you’ll always be having issues at the office. The entrepreneur monster inside of you and your company structure will have a war all the time. Thus, you will end up leaving the company. In the end, here are your options:

  • You’ll find a company to work for that matches your values and help you to grow.
  • You’ll establish your own business. Which might not be possible right away because of the financial situation.
  • You’ll accept the situation as it is for a while and will grow your side hustle. And at the time you are ready, you’ll leave the company.
  • You’ll work as a freelancer.

3-Financial Struggles

That two external factors I mentioned above will cause some financial struggles. Because you’ll always need to change your environment both in your special life and business life. This is why you always need to be prepared for a new journey financially.

4-Living In A Chaotic World

No matter how hard you try to protect yourself from the struggles of the world, they will be catching you. Because in today’s tech world, it is really easy to be exposed to bad news.

5-Laziness & Procrastination

You’ll be falling into the trap of laziness because of all of those external factors that I mentioned above. Thus, you’ll be procrastinating on everything.

6-Overthinking & The Fear Of Failure

While you are being lazy and procrastinating on everything, there will be one thing you won’t stop doing: Overthinking. Since you are not taking any action on the things that you are overthinking, fear of failure will occur in your mind more than ever before.

7-Demand To Reach Success Immediately

This one is the last and the funniest obstacle you’ll be facing on the way to success. Think about it. You are having:

  • Relationship problems.
  • Issues at the office.
  • Financial struggles.

You are:

  • Living in a chaotic world.

You are falling into the trap of:

  • Laziness & Procrastination.
  • Overthinking & The fear of failure.

And yet, you demand to reach success immediately. It seems like to me mission impossible.

How To Overcome Challenges On The Way To Success – 5 Ways

5 ways to overcome challenges

Don’t worry though. You know, impossible is nothing. With the right approach towards challenges, you can overcome all the obstacles that you will face on the way to success.

Here is how to overcome challenges in life: 

1-Shape Your Own World

If you are a person with a success mindset, you should do this immediately. The sooner the better. Because you are a person who wants to live your life on your own terms. So, instead of trying to fit in others’ life, you should shape your own world.

You should choose people without falling into an emotional trap. This might sound a bit annoying but this is how you can prevent relationship problems and issues at the office at the beginning of your journey.

Get rid of toxic people that affect your life negatively. Leave from that company that does not help you to grow. Create a world that serves your needs. Trust me, selfishness is not that bad.

2-Separate Yourself From Your Thoughts

Everything has its own place. You can’t overcome a relationship struggle when you are thinking of your financial problems. This is multitasking. And let me give you a secret. Multitasking is a myth. You should stay in the present and take one step at a time.

What I mean is this. If you are having a conversation with your spouse, focus on that conversation. Push yourself to stop unrelated thoughts. Solve that problem first, and then move on.

3-Do Your Best

I know it is sad to live in this chaotic world. Wars, political conflicts, diseases (oh the pandemic), water pollution, insensible consumerism, horrible murders, violence… I can write here dozens of hurtful events that occur every single minute in this world.

But I’ll stop here. Because unfortunately, you can’t solve every problem in the world. But I do know that they still affect your performance. Thus, you are being pessimistic about the future.

Stop beating yourself. Even though you can’t solve everything, there is still something you can do about this. Stop listening news and start contributing to a better world. How to do this? Do your best.

4-Have A Plan

We usually underestimate the power of a plan. Because we usually overestimate our talents. We think that we will know what to do once we start to work. But the truth is, not knowing what to do in advance is causing laziness and procrastination. As a result, we are ending up fear of failure.

There is one simple way to prevent this: Having a plan. Have short-term and long-term plans. Be sure that short-term plans serve your long-term plans. This is how you will overcome challenges and reach success.

5-Be Patient And Consistent

Last but not least.

We live our lives like we are not going to die, ever. But when it comes to success, we live our lives like we are going to die tomorrow. Things take their courses. It is about time and actions.

Don’t forget: Patience and consistency is the key to success.

That was all. I’ve tried to explain challenges to overcome on the way to success and how to beat them by leaning on my own experiences.

If you have any other suggestions to overcome challenges, just share with us your experiences to support others in this adventure! And don’t forget to share your comments about this article below!

Furkan Patan

Digital Marketer & Traveller. Blogger @HowToMotivateMe & @OlmeGormeden

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