Consistency Is The Key To Success

Consistency is the key to anything we want to reach success. I am not the only one who says this. If you give a quick look at the internet, you can see tons of stories about how consistency added value to companies in long-term growth and success.

It is not different when it comes to personal growth.

Do you want to lose weight? You need to stick to a healthy diet consistently. Do you want to get rid of a bad habit? You need to reduce the frequency and break that habit consistently until it all gone. Do you want to write a blog? You need to write consistently.

I can make the list longer but there is no need for it. As you can see, consistency is the key. It is behind the success of everything in life.

Consistency Is The Key, But Why?

Because consistency builds trust.

Let’s think about it. Where would you take your coffee on your way to the office?

Would you buy from a new coffee shop recently opened?

Would you buy from the one you always buy your coffee?

For most people, the answer is the second one. Because you love how they treat you while you are ordering their perfect tasty americano.

The reason behind this decision is simple. People like to have a predictable experience. This is why big companies focus on loyalty programs instead of quick growth.

The process is the same for self-improvement. If you want to reach your goals, you need to be consistent about them. Unfortunately, this is easy said than done.

Why Is It Hard To Develop Consistency?

reasons cause inconcistency

There are a lot of reasons that causes inconsistency. Procrastination, laziness, overthinking, creating excuses, feeling overwhelmed are what comes to my mind at the first look.

Don’t worry, I won’t bore you that much by sorting all of the reasons that causes inconsistency. In my opinion, we can categorize all of them under 4 main topics.


People are inherently impatient. Even though when they say they are patient about something, they don’t. Because:

“Patience is not the ability to wait but how you act while you’re waiting.”

Joyce Meyer

And most of us are nagging during the process. We keep complaining about how the process hard and what kind of obstacles we have in front of us. We prefer to talk about problems rather than stop complaining and focus on the business and do our best. Because this is easier to do.

Here is some bad news for you. Impatience is one of the biggest enemies of consistency. There is no way to build a consistent structure if you keep nagging.

2.Lack Of Confidence

Confidence is a critical feeling when it comes to creating something out of nothing. If you don’t trust yourself and your project, you will question everything during to process. You will start to procrastinate on everything. Thus, you will end up with inconsistency.

3.Focusing On Results

Do you know why earning money from the internet not that easy? It is because everyone starting their journey by focusing on the wrong point; “money”.

I can’t blame people for this. Because everyone promoting earning wealth from the internet like an easy peasy. This is why most of the time people end up failing.

The truth is, there is one thing you need to focus on at the beginning of your internet journey: Putting as much effort as you can. And be consistent about it.

I know it is hard to accept but trust me, money should be the second thing you need to pay attention to. If you put earning money as a priority, you will tend to quit any minute that you don’t see the result in your bank account.

You can count this rule on everything that you are working on. Seriously, consistency is the key of success.

If you decided to lose some weight, don’t expect to see the result one week later. If you want to learn a new language, don’t think you are going to start to talk one month later.

Focus on the process first. Pur your expectation in a realistic way according to your situation and don’t look at the result until its time comes.


I am not going to say quality over quantity or vice versa. Both perspectives have their own missing points. And those missing points cause inconsistency. Here is why:

  • If you focus on quality, you will never satisfied with the work you do. You will keep finding points to improve. This will cause a slow process.
  • If you focus on quantity, you will never be thinking it is enough. You will always want to produce more. This will make time management extremely hard. Actually, you don’t have that much time.

My suggestion is to keep both in balance. Stop seeking perfection about quality or quantity. Do your best and do it consistently.

How To Be Consistent About Consistency?

how to be consistent

Yes, consistency is the key to consistency. You should practice it to make it a daily routine for yourself. Here are some tips to turn consistency into a habit.

1.Make Plans, Put Targets, Have Goals

Never give up on planning. Even though you need to change it every week, every day, every hour… Make sure you have a plan. Because having a plan will give you a clearer picture of what you want to do. Thus, you will have more confidence in the process.

Also, make sure that you put targets and have goals periodically. Every time you reach a target, celebrate the moment. Create your own gamification process.

Note: While you are creating your plan and adding targets and goals into it, don’t forget to consider facts that causes inconsistency. 

2.Stick To The Plan

Practice saying no while you are practicing consistency. Make your plan your guideline and act in accordance.

Create excuses to your friends if you need to be working at that time according to the plan.

Say no to your partner if you need to be eating at that time according to the plan.

Say no to your family if you need to practice at that time according to the plan.

In a nutshell, say no to your excuses and stick to the plan no matter what. Adjust events with others according to your schedule. Be selfish. Trust me, selfishness is not that bad

3.Have Respect To Yourself

The third step to practice consistency is to having respect for the structure that you created. Keep responsible yourself for your actions. Because you are the only one who can shape your own life. No one will turn your dreams into reality but you.

You have a plan, you have a target, you have a goal. You created that structure. Trust yourself. Respect your own knowledge. Show your respect to yourself. 

4.Use Technology

I like to use old methods as much as you are. For example, I always like to keep a pen and notebook with me. But unfortunately, we are not robots and it is normal to be struggling with the daily grinds of today’s world. And this causes inconsistency.

Fortunately, technology gives a hand in this situation. There is nothing wrong with using applications that will remind you what to do at a certain time. Don’t worry you are not getting old just because you will start to use a to-do list app.

If you want, you can create your plan by using old methods or even by just thinking. But don’t ignore the power of technology when it comes to command yourself.

Benefits Of Consistency

Success is the ultimate benefit of consistency. This is certain. However, there are some minor benefits that help you to reach success by being consistent. By being consistent about something you want to do you will give yourself those valuable feelings I sorted below.

  • Accountability
  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Clarity

This was all. In this article, I tried to explain why consistency is the key to everything that we want to reach success. Also, I tried to give you some courage to be consistent about the things that you are planning to do.  I hope, this article will help you to find yourself on your journey.

If you have any comments about the article please don’t forget to share them below in the comment section!

Furkan Patan

Digital Marketer & Traveller. Blogger @HowToMotivateMe & @OlmeGormeden

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