9 Principles To Develop A Millionaire Mindset

Who doesn’t dream of being wealthy and all the comfort that money brings with it?

When you are rich it means that you won’t have to worry about mortgages, bills, or rent. You will be able to make career decisions comfortably not under pressure. You will be able to travel more, explore more, whatever your passion is, you will have more access to it. 

This is a dream for everyone. And it remains a dream to the most. This is because becoming rich requires you to develop a millionaire mindset.

It means you go against the crowd and the usual norms of society. It means when people are partying you will be working. It means you cut all unnecessary expenditure and live beneath your means. You become goal-oriented, stick to a growth mindset, and put in a lot of hard work. 

However, this change is not easy and this is why it remains a dream for most people. If you want to become truly wealthy you must develop the right millionaire mindset and module the right people. 

And even though this seems like a long journey and probably you are looking for a quick trick that doesn’t require a lot of work. It is the only proper way to become actually wealthy. Many people seek comfort or easy means to achieve their goals. But this conflicts with the laws of the universe. And accumulating wealth in this way won’t make it last long. 

Becoming rich requires consistency and vision. However, with the right mindset, once you start to get it, you will never lose it.

With these principles you will be able to develop the right millionaire mindset that will put you on the right track towards wealth:

Work On Your Mindset

9 principles to develop millionaire mindset

It all starts and ends here. Every topic; from motivation, self-improvement, finance, self-love, all starts with the mindset. Your mindset leads your life. 

And when it comes to finance and wealth a lot of people dream about having more money, but sometimes our deep inner beliefs can be built against our desires.

For example, If you think that money makes people bad or selfish. Or that becoming rich is so hard and not easily reachable. Then it means you have huge resistance inside you. And chances are you won’t be able to obtain more money. 

Best practice is to challenge your thoughts. Get a paper and start writing what kind of beliefs you have regarding money. And then ask yourself if what you think is actually true. 

Another good practice will be to consider all the millionaire people who are devoting their money to help others, and they are only capable of that because they are rich. 

To adopt a millionaire mindset you need to challenge your thoughts and thinking patterns. Or you will keep working just as hard but it will all be profitless.

Shift Your Focus

Whatever you continuously think of will grow and expand.

So if you are constantly thinking of bills and lack of money, you will find yourself surrounded with more debt and bills.

Wealthy people not only think big, but when they stated they want something, they shift their focus to “how can I get it” instead of complaining about it or thinking of the obstacles. 

Developing a millionaire mindset requires you to stretch your imagination to see opportunities rather than obstacles and continuously focus on your goal. 

Work Hard While Others Sleep

This part no one likes. And it is understandable. 

Still, It is kind of ironic how people want to become rich and wealthy but without effort. 

You can’t expect to become a millionaire without making real big changes and commitments. 

If you pay close attention you can see how a lot of people seem to be unhappy with their current financial positions, and still they make no changes. Simply because they are comfortable. And no growth can happen while residing in the comfort zone. 

Breaking bad ingrained habits won’t come easily. But it is a must to change your life and future.

Invest most of your time in working on your goal. The more you commit to it the more it will expand and require extra time and focus. 

You need to give up on daily common habits. No more lying on the couch watching netflix. Or partying on friday and waking up hungover on saturday with no ability to work. 

It might seem intimidating. But think about it. Everything is flaming out. And at one point all you will have is the world you built for yourself. If you waste your most productive years trying to fit in other worlds and structures, you won’t have the same energy once you grow older and your capacity for change will lessen. 

This is why you must have a vision and a goal that will become your focal point. And you need to build habits that resonate with reaching that goal.

Surround Yourself With Rich People

If you associate daily with people who think poorly, you will end up like them. Successful people with a millionaire mindset make a conscious effort to stick to healthy valuable habits and behaviors. 

On one hand, if you surround yourself with like-minded people, you will be more likely to be inspired and get where you want. Also rich people will show you lessons from their experiences that will help you bypass years of struggle. 

On the other, surrounding yourself with average people. Who likes moderate life, will make you lazy, slow your pace and derive your motivation. This is because all your attempts will be mocked since those people won’t be looking at life from the same window as yours. 

“If people in your circle don’t inspire you, then it is not a circle it is a cave.” 

Be Coherent Towards What You Want to Achieve 

If you don’t have a strong foundation for your aims, you can be easily talked out of it. 

Having money can not be for the sake of money or the things money can buy. You have to define your purpose and vision. Why you aspire to become a millionaire and what impact you want to have. And then to reinforce the desire, consider how unsatisfactory it will be if you don’t reach your ultimate goal. 

This is important, because on the road you will face a lot of struggles. People won’t understand or accept you. Circumstances might go against you. But when you have a big goal. When you know what legacy you want to leave behind. No matter how tough it turns you won’t get knocked down.

To build a millionaire mindset you must first understand why you have this ambition. Knowing why you are doing what you are doing and relating it to something bigger will empower you in the long run. 

Keep Learning

Developing a millionaire mindset includes continuous passion and hunger for learning. Learning doesn’t need to be limited to your work skills or financial sector. There are plenty of things out there in the world that you can learn to become a better version of you. 

And learning is definitely not only about the educational system. Most of the entrepreneurs and millionaires never stop reading books or learning new skills. 

Therefore, always be in pursuit of knowledge and never become arrogant. After all, 

“what we know is a drop, what we don’t know is the ocean”.

Always believe that every new person you will encounter has something you don’t know. This will keep you humble and prevent you from building a wall against learning. 

Always have a thirst to learn and develop yourself more. The moment you stop doing this, is the moment you declare to the universe that you are done with life. 

Now if you are wondering how is this related to me becoming rich and wealthy? Let me answer you

Life is all about continuous change and if you don’t adapt you will be out of the game. Adapting needs acquiring new skills and learning more. Building the right knowledge will be your armor and will give you vision to make the right decision in moments of crises or when businesses are falling or when a financial crisis happens. 

Bottom line, always seek opportunities to grow, improve and to challenge yourself. 

Live Below Your Means

Nowadays we equate happiness with the amount of things we accumulate. And everything around us pushes us to consume more, we see it in the billboards, on our screen, however and wherever we turn our faces. We assume that we will turn happier once we get that shoe or that car. The truth is that we are only filling the void in a shallow way that will expire very soon leaving us to face our actual deeper void. 

But a person with a millionaire mindset will be more focused and decisive towards his/her goal. 

Those people know how to differentiate important from trivial things and refuse to be measured by external things. 

Part of developing a millionaire mindset means you start spending far less than what you earn. You concede to the fact that falling in debt in order to impress others isn’t worth it. So from now on train yourself to live below your means and that includes: 

  • No more taking loans to buy a better car when yours is functioning pretty well.
  • Don’t buy a very luxurious product if you can find an equal alternative at a lesser price.
  • And make sure to pay back what you get through your credit card. 

Give And Contribute

The purpose of wealth is not only to accumulate money and enjoy life. Well of course having more money will enhance your overall well being. But still this can’t be the only purpose. 

One way I like to think about this is to think of what legacy you want to leave behind. What kind of contribution do you want to give to earth and humans? This is the actual wealth.

Accumulating money can’t be only for the mere idea of accumulating it. If your desire to be rich doesn’t have a vision, then you will keep running after more money, and won’t ever feel satisfied. 

Giving and contribution can be in different ways. You can even give before becoming actually rich. It can be volunteering, supporting people, developing compassion. 

It is important to understand what kind of contribution you want to make, this makes the path towards wealth and happiness easier.

Make Investments

This is related to “live below your means” principle. When you live below your means it means you will spare a bigger room to save instead of spending on unnecessary things. But when you are saving you don’t want to sit and count them, you need to make investment with them. 

If you save money early on, the interest will grow. This might come a little bit hard, but it will definitely be rewarding in the future. 

To sum it all up, the main principle is long-term thinking. Focus on the future and what kind of life you want to live. And ask yourself if you are willing to give what it requires.

Furkan Patan

Digital Marketer & Traveller. Blogger @HowToMotivateMe & @OlmeGormeden

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