Do Your Best

Do your best. Then do it better. Then better. And then even better than better.

Always. DO – YOUR – BEST

Do you think you will be satisfied if you get something you desire in an easy way?

Stop. Don’t answer. Let me change the question:

Do you feel satisfied when you do something easy to do?

“No” is your answer I assume. Because there is no other way to feel real success, improvement, achievement, reveal without doing your best no matter what you do. Fortunately, we all know this by heart. Unfortunately, we all create excuses.

Don’t do that. You do your best.

In everything that you do in your life, give your attention, put your effort, focus on it, feel it. Because when you do your best, you know that: No matter how hard the situation is, everything will be okay. You can feel the hands of the universe reaches to you to help you.

Do your best.

Keep doing your best and never stop having good intentions. If you know you are doing your best and you reached your limits… Do it better. And then better. And then better! Never give up on trying. Never discourage yourself by thinking it might be time to take a break.

Always. DO – YOUR – BEST.

Even though you think you’ll fail at the end of the journey, keep doing your best. You can’t know what life will bring to you. The road might be full of traps. But even though you have a small chance to reach your goal, you can’t risk it by giving up.

Stop Nagging & Do Your Best.

Stop nagging and do your best. No one can help you as much as your “self”.

You can’t see the results that you desire if you keep thinking and nagging inside of your head. You should start to take action. Stop overthinking about the future. Because no matter you work on it or not, the future will come.

And if you want a future that fits in your imagination, you need to do everything you can until it arrives. So why keep nagging? Everything about you in your hands. You will shape your future. Start to shape it now. Don’t waste any more time.

Do your best.

Don’t miss any opportunity to do something better than before. If you see the improvement point, don’t miss it. Jump on it and do it better.

There is no need to complain about emotional obstacles, financial impossibilities, imaginary enemies (or even the real ones). You know that you have the desire to do something better. Don’t stop yourself by creating excuses.

Do your best.

Don’t forget. Whatever you want to reach, it was something you always desired. The eagerness in you is a gift, a talent. Don’t dull it by avoiding actions, by procrastinating your to-do list.

Believe me, not all people have that gift. Not everyone sees the fire that you see in your eyes. Stop being lazy and start using it.

No matter how the environment negatively affects you, don’t stop yourself from doing your best. Good people might not always win but I assure you, people, who do their best always win.

Do your best.

Push every little solution point you see. And then push them harder. Try to solve problems by pouring your heart with good intentions. Don’t shape your future for others. Shape it for yourself. Don’t expect anything but happiness for everyone and take your actions according to your needs.

Always do your best.

Don’t let anyone tell you the opposite. Make them uncomfortable by taking action and doing your best. Let them feel the lack of means. Let them come to you. Show them the solutions and leave the rest to them. If they really do want to help you, they will find a way.

Meanwhile, minimize your expectations from others. And You keep doing your best to reach what you desire.

Then do it better.

Don’t stop yourself after you think you did your best. Try to do it better. Find ways to make it perfectly perfect. Don’t do this for others. Do this for yourself.

To feel the inner relief.

To feel the real success even though you fail.

To assure yourself you did your best, and then better, and then better…

Do it better.

Don’t stop doing better until the last minute.

Even though you see no chance to win that game anyway, or no chance to pass that exam or no way to succeed in that interview.

Do it better.

Never stop yourself until you know it is over. If you can manage to focus yourself on doing your best and better, and better… You will know by heart when to stop anyway. So until that time, find ways to do it better.

Do it better.

New plans, new structures, new methods… Don’t stick with old habits. Don’t stop yourself from changing. Change is a part of your self-improvement. And you can’t do your best unless you improve yourself.

Do it better.

Don’t look around for someone to keep yourself accountable. Keep yourself accountable to “yourself”. Because there is no one you are responsible for more than yourself. You are coming to this life once and you are not doing your best for yourself. What is the meaning of life then?

Remember that: People important to you need you. If you don’t healthy mental wise, they can’t get benefits from you.

When you feel tired, remind yourself this: You are doing your best just for yourself and you are responsible for the results.

These two might seem irrelevant. But trust me, everything is connected.

Do your best. Then do it better. Then better. Then better…

Watch this video that helped me to write this motivational essay. I hope that the video and this essay will help you to find your motivation and push yourself to do your best.

Furkan Patan

Digital Marketer & Traveller. Blogger @HowToMotivateMe & @OlmeGormeden

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