Feeling Down – How To Motivate Yourself In Today’s Chaotic World

It is normal to feeling down a little from time to time. Especially during these days. Think about it. We are in the middle of a pandemic. COVID-19 surrounded us and we are not able to live our lives as they were before.

I know, maybe our lives were not perfect before as well. But now it has become harder. And truth to be told, it is becoming harder every single minute. So, feeling down, depressed or unmotivated (it doesn’t matter how you want to define it) is super normal. No one will ask you “why you are feeling down? Isn’t everything perfect!?”.

Even your professional helper (a psychiatrist, a life coach, or a mentor) won’t tell you this to motivate you. And there is a reason behind this. Because everyone is feeling a little down nowadays.

I know some people who’ve been motivated life lovers in the past but are now depressed as hell.


  1. How Feeling Down Affects Our Ultimate Goals?
  1. What Are The Options You Have When You Are Feeling Down?
  1. Ways To Change This
    1. Plan Your Day, Week, Month
    2. Take Action
    3. Exercise
    4. Groom Yourself
    5. Eat Healthy Food
    6. Sleep Well
    7. Meditate
    8. Separate Some Time Just For Yourself
    9. Quit Bad Habits
    10. Declutter Your Life
    11. Listen Mood Boosters
    12. Listen Podcasts, Watch Ted Talks
    13. Read Something
    14. Talk With People

How Feeling Down Affects Our Ultimate Goals?

Short story long, feeling down is not a surprise. It is okay. You have the right to let your guards down sometimes. Especially during these times when the world is a more chaotic place more than ever.

But wait a minute. The world will calm down and crises will go. Or in other words:

“There will always be another crisis and the world will find its way to turn around the next day.”

You know what they say, history repeats itself.

So… How about your goals? How about self-improvement? Where did the success mindset go? You know days are counting and you are not taking any action towards your dreams, right?

You also know that actually, you should take advantage of these days. Because your competitors are struggling with the same feelings. How will you make these days up? You should stop feeling down and start taking action!

Above, you read the conversation I am having in my mind any time I feel down. Like everyone else, when I feel down I don’t want to do anything too. I mean, I am not productive non-stop. I wish I could. I am not able to though. When I am feeling down:

  • I create excuses, obstacles, imaginary enemies.
  • I fall into the trap of procrastination.
  • I turn laziness into a lifestyle.
  • I don’t ask for help.

And more…

What Are The Options You Have When You Are Feeling Down?

In the end, I know that I have three options. I can:

  1. Accept the situation as it is and keep my mood down.
  2. Try to boost my mood from time to time but not constantly. So, I stay in between all the time.
  3. Revolt against my negative feelings and challenge myself to change the situation.

I assume that these options are the same for everyone. And I again assume that usually, we* stuck in the second point. And it is normal. Because this is a huge challenge.

I know how hard it is to challenge yourself when you are feeling down. So, in this article, I’ll share the methods I’ve tried and picked me up during the times I felt down. Here we go!

Disclaimer: Everything I wrote below depends on my experiences. Things can change when it comes to your journey. So, this is not a certain recipe that heals everyone.

Don’t forget: There is nothing wrong with stealing ideas from others. However, only you can prepare a recipe that is special to your situation.

*Note: With “we” I mean the people who get used to staying in between all of their lives. To make it clear, the people who stay on the thin line between success and failure.

Ways To Change This

There are a lot of methods you can try when it comes to boosting your mood during the day. For example, listening to music, exercising, and meditating are the things that came to my mind. And there is more! Here below I shared 10+ tactics that I tried and somehow helped me to pick me back up.

As a note, I would like to mention the difference between feeling down and depression:

Depression (major depressive disorder) is a common and serious medical illness. It negatively affects how you feel, the way you think, and how you act. Being sad is similar to depression but not the same.

The word “depression” is used frequently by people who are feeling down. But before using it you need to understand the difference. So, I recommend you read this article that will help you to understand the difference between.

If you think your symptoms match with depression, it is better if you see a doctor that can give you medical help.

1-Plan Your Day, Week, Month

I can’t stress enough how much this is important and effective. Every time I feel down, I push myself to make plans for the future. This approach motivates me to keep running towards my goals. Even though I know I wouldn’t be able to stick to the plan, I never stop trying.

I suggest you do the same. Choose the intensity according to your situation. For example, if you are having a stressful period, make daily plans. Every day before you sleep, spare 15 minutes to plan the next day.

2-Take Action

This one is hard but a must.

It is hard. Because when you feel down, you don’t want to do anything. You create excuses to not move. The main reason for this is uncertainty. And if you can manage to perform the first step, the amount of uncertainty will decrease. The rest is up to you.

It is a must. Because you should accept the uncertainty and move on. Accept that, no matter how prepared you are, your future always will be cloudy. You can’t know what is waiting for you. This is the reality.

The good news is there are ways to shape your future according to your wills. And fortunately, you have all the tools to do that.

So, never stop taking action. Even though you feel down like hell, push yourself to take small steps. Don’t forget. One is always greater than zero. This mentality will help you to boost not only your mood but your confidence as well.


This one is one of the most common suggestions when it comes to boosting your mood. And it works perfectly. But I struggle a lot about this one. Because exercising every day (even for 10 minutes) is not an easy task to do.

However, I also strongly recommend having an exercise routine. Especially if you want to wake up early and take the advantage of morning hours to feel more productive.

Get out of the house, take a short walk. Or stay at home and have a short workout session. Fight with your laziness. Whatever works for you and your body, challenge yourself to do it. 

4-Groom Yourself

When you are feeling down, you don’t want to do anything, including taking care of yourself. You don’t shave, you don’t brush your hair, you don’t wear makeup. And if you are not leaving from home, probably you don’t take shower. Not frequently at least.

You should stop showing such behaviors. I know, even the idea of taking 5 minutes shower and grooming yourself seeming like torture. But you also know to groom yourself will make you feel better.

Spare some time to yourself before leaving home. Even though you won’t leave from home (which is reasonable because of the pandemic) don’t neglect your body.

5-Eat Healthy Food

Now put your hands in the air and drop that snack down low. I am sorry but that chocolate you are eating when you feel sad is not useful. It might give you small pleasures at the moment. But the truth is it downs your mood deeper.

You should push yourself to stick to a healthy diet to stop feeling down. You should stay away from refined carbohydrates, sugar, processed foods, and trans fats. I know it seems like a mission impossible. Especially when you are feeling sad. But it is not that hard.

Don’t exaggerate preparing a salad full of healthy ingredients. It is going to take 15 minutes or so. And it is delicious. Your options are not limited to only salads. Dinner recipes, desserts, healthy snacks are in options as well.

6-Sleep Well

Sometimes when I feel down, I take a 15 minutes short nap. This method helps me to boost my mood right away. This is not a proper solution though. Because I am not always in a place to take short naps during the day. I assume you are in the same position.

A proper solution for this one is having a better sleep cycle. Your body needs sleep more than you think. So it is critical to feed your body with the amount of sleep it needs.

Don’t get stuck with how many hours successful people are sleeping. I know everyone out there promoting sleeping less and working more. But this is not the ideal situation for everyone.

For example, for me, I need to sleep a minimum of 8 hours to function well. If I sleep less, my body is not responding to me during the day as I wish. And this makes me feel useless. Then since I don’t take any actions, a guilty feeling follows. Lastly, hello sadness my old friend. It is like domino stones.

Listen to your body and understand the amount of sleep you need to have in order to be more productive. This will help you to have a better mood.


I am not personally a fan of meditation. Don’t misunderstand me. I tried it before when I was feeling down. I pushed myself so much to not think anything during the meditation. It didn’t help me that much. Maybe I misunderstood the concept. I don’t know.

But I do suggest meditation because it is a proven method to boost your mood. I know there are a lot of people out there that see the benefits of meditation. So there is no need to be ignorant. You also can give it a shot and see the effect by yourself. Then you can decide whether to keep meditating or not.

8-Separate Some Time Just For Yourself

Sometimes you look outside to find things that will make you happy. But actually, you can find those things if you look at yourself. Not focusing on yourself might be the reason you are feeling down. Maybe if you stop one moment and start to take care of yourself, you will find the solutions.

So, take grooming yourself one step further. Separate some time just for yourself. Try to understand your needs and act on them. Sometimes selfishness is a must. And actually, selfishness is not something bad as it sounds.

9-Quit Bad Habits

Bad habits like smoking, alcohol, drugs are becoming one of our best friends when we feel sad. Most of us increase the number of bad things we inject our bodies during these times. We do this just to feel happiness for a short while. But the truth is they are the reason for your sadness, anxiety, stress.

I was one of them. Until I read the book Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking. This book helped me understand how smoking plays with our brains to keep our addiction to it. I couldn’t quit smoking right after I finished the book. But I understood the logic behind it.

And today, as a smoking-free person, I can easily say that books can help you to quit any of your bad habits.

10-Declutter Your Life

The number of people you have in your life might be the reason for your low mood. Especially, if you are in an environment that is not matching with your values. Living with people who don’t look at life from the same window that you are looking at can be overwhelming.

The same goes for the number of items you have in your life. Each item that does not bring you joy or add any value to your life is a burden on your shoulders.

You might see yourself as an organized person. But trust me, it is just an excuse. Living in a home full of unnecessary items can be one of the factors that drag your mood down.

The solution is simple. You should declutter your life. But it is not easy as it sounds. Especially for the people part. However, you need to take this action to feel better. Because decluttering your life will help you to relax your mind. Also, you’ll get rid of some unnecessary responsibilities.

“You can’t change the people around you but you can change the people around you.”

As I said, especially for the people part, this is not an easy thing to do. So I suggest you start with items. Check the 21-Day Minimalism Journey by The Minimalists. It is a perfect guide to follow.

And for the people part, read this article. In that article, I wrote about my decluttering journey. You’ll find steps that helped me to declutter my life from people that are not adding value to me. I believe you’ll find some valuable information there.

11-Listen Mood Boosters

According to scientific researches, there is a correlation between our feelings and music. Scientists say we can feel sad, happy, or angry depending on the song we are listening. In fact, we don’t need scientific research to link music and our mood. I mean, we all feel happy when we listen to a happy song.

This is why I have a Spotify list full of songs that will boost my mood. It is a list that includes any type of music from rock to R&B, classical to pop. So the genre of music is not important. The song has to cheer my day up. This is the only rule for a song to jump on my list.

I suggest you do the same. Whenever you feel down, open your music box and start to listen to songs that will give you energy. And let the music help you to get out of that black hole you fall.

If you want to give a look at my list, you can check from this link.

12-Listen Podcasts, Watch Ted Talks

Podcasts are one of the most productive ways to get help about anything. You can learn a bunch of things by listening to experienced people. As you can guess I am a fan of self-improvement podcasts. Anytime I feel down, I start listening to my favorite podcasts, so they help me to get my confidence back.

The same goes for Ted Talks. Again I am a fan of self-improvement Ted Talks and they help me to get my confidence back.

13-Read Something

Sometimes you need a guide to get rid of that terrible feeling. Reading a quote, a paragraph from a book, an article from the internet might be the best solution for you.

For example, if I need a quick reminder to pick myself up, I read some quotes. If I need the knowledge to get rid of that “lost feeling”, I research and read some articles. If I need steps about something to reach success, I start to read books about it.

14-Talk With People

Last but not least. Calling someone you love can have a huge positive impact on your mood. That person could be your mom, dad, a friend, or your spouse. No matter who that person is, there is one rule. The person that you are going to call needs to be someone who understands you.

Don’t forget, great minds think alike and this is exactly what you need while you are feeling down.

That was all. In this article, I tried to explain how feeling down affects our ultimate goals. What are our options while we are feeling sad and what methods we can try to boost our mood. I hope this was helpful. I also suggest you read this and this article that includes some different methods to try.

And If you have any other suggestion, just share with us your experiences to support others in this adventure!

Furkan Patan

Digital Marketer & Traveller. Blogger @HowToMotivateMe & @OlmeGormeden

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