How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

In this article, I wrote about the comfort zone. When I started to write, the main purpose was to answer the question “how to get out of your comfort zone”. But then I noticed I needed to dig deep to make things clear for readers. So, firstly I answered the following questions based on my own experiences: 

  • What is the comfort zone?
  • When “get out of your comfort zone” starts to have a real meaning?
  • Is it hard to get out of your comfort zone?
  • Is it good to get out of your comfort zone?
  • What I was doing wrong?

Then I gave some tips that will help you to get out of your comfort zone. If you want to jump directly to the tips, click here.

Disclaimer: Everything I wrote below depends on my experiences. Things can change when it comes to your self-improvement journey. So, this is not a certain recipe that heals everyone.

Don’t forget: There is nothing wrong with using my methods to find a way to get out of your comfort zone. But don’t forget to customize the recipe according to your needs.

What Is The Comfort Zone?

get out of your comfort zone

What is the comfort zone anyway? According to Cambridge Dictionary:

“A situation in which you feel comfortable and in which your ability and determination are not being tested.”

Sounds great! I mean, who wants to leave from a comfortable place, right? We have enough daily grinds already. We don’t need more challenge yourself moments. It seems super normal to stay in the comfort zone. Why do people obsessive about such things as self-growth nowadays?

To be honest, there is nothing wrong with this way of thinking. You come to this world once. You are the only one who can decide what to do with your life. If staying in your comfort zone is not bothering you, it is okay. You can accept life as it is and move till the end by settling with what you already have.

A Success Mindset

But there is also an opposite way of thinking. There are people with a different mindset. Those people are addicted to self-improvement. Their brain craves for dopamine that comes from success. Since you come to this blog post, I assume you are one of them.

This is when “get out of your comfort zone” starts to have real meaning. Because this type of personality sees “growth” as a duty they need to repeat every day. They push themselves to jump out of their comfort zone, non-stop.

But it is hard. Even though for the people who have a success mindset. Pushing yourself to leave an environment you are familiar with requires a lot of mental and physical effort. You need to do always your best to maintain your improvement. 

Finding your passion doesn’t mean you can stop. If you do, it means that you are turning your passion into your comfort zone. You continuously need to find rooms for improvement.

But it is good. Think about it like water and food. People need them to maintain their life. This is for their comfort. But when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle you need to follow a different path and stick to a healthy diet.

It is just like this. If you want to grow and reach your goals, you need to leave your comfort zone.

What I Was Doing Wrong?

I knew all of these. I knew that I needed to push myself to improve. 

So, I was setting goals and having plans to reach the future I was dreaming of. Unfortunately, each plan I made ended with a huge disappointment. Thus, procrastination and laziness were following up. I was expanding my comfort zone, unconsciously.

Trust me, I was putting in a lot of effort.

I read books, listened to podcasts, watched videos about business, self-improvement, and motivation. I thought these will help me to prepare a better plan and be more motivated.

I tried to stick to the daily routines of successful people, tactics to increase productivity. I thought these would help me to grow.

I meditate. I made self-affirmations. I followed up self-care checklists. And more…

Nothing worked. I was missing something. That was sure. Because these are the methods most successful people are using to get out of their comfort zone and continue their self-improvement journey. Why on earth none of them was working for me? I was desperately looking for an answer to this question.

It took so much time for me to understand I was staying in my comfort zone while I was thinking I am jumping out of my comfort zone. After almost 30 years, I figured out what I’ve been mistaken for. Actually, the problem was clear enough:

None of the action I was taking was bothering me.

Yes. That was the problem. I needed to change my perspective and take the actions that will annoy me in order to reach my ultimate goals.

How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

steps to get out of comfort zone

So, how did I step out of my comfort zone for real? Here is the list of the things I’ve changed:

This structure helped me to follow “the standard structure of self-improvement” easily. What you need to understand is exactly this.

You can’t get out of your comfort zone without preparing yourself for it. 

Now, I’ll explain each of them in detail. Not because following these steps will help you to get out of your comfort zone. But I am sure they will help you to create your own way to do it.

1-Be Consistent About What You Do

Consistency is the key to success for anything you want to achieve. This is for sure. Successful people are successful just because they are consistent about what they do. Unfortunately, this is something easier said than done.

Not just because consistency is annoying and bothering. Consistency makes people wonder and become suspicious also. This is why so many people give up when actually they are so close to success.

These people choose to go back to their comfort zone by saying “that method” is not working. This approach is costing them everything.

So, if you want to get out of your comfort zone, be consistent about what you do:

Do you want to lose weight? Don’t give up on your diet after 2 weeks when you don’t lose enough weight.

Do you want to learn a new language? Don’t give up after 1 month when you couldn’t start to speak.

Are you trying to put a better sleep cycle? Don’t stop going to bed early just because you missed one day in a week.

No matter what you are trying to do to improve your life, keep it up.

2-Practice Patience

I was always proud to be a patient man. In my opinion, patience was one of my best skills. Until I realize how I was behaving while I was waiting “patiently” for the results.

“Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

Although I waited patiently, nothing I wanted was coming true. One of those days, I decided to take a step outside and take a look at myself. And I saw that while waiting patiently for a result, I was also forcing things to happen immediately.

After I saw my attitude, I accepted I was totally wrong. So, I started to practice patience more. This change in my way of thinking helped me to focus on my tasks more than ever before. Thus, I became more consistent.

So, if you want to get out of your comfort zone, practice patience. Bother yourself by keeping your desires under control and keep taking action towards your dreams.

3-Take Risks

I was always talking about what kind of life I want. I wasn’t taking any risk for my dreams though. Not financially, not mentally, not physically. I was fooling myself by saying “I will take risks when I am ready”.

Let me give you a secret: There is no such thing like “right time”.

So, don’t fool yourself.  If you are not taking any risks, probably you are not going to grow, ever. Just working won’t help you to progress.

Yes, sad but true.

Spending time and putting effort into your dreams is not enough. This is not the way to leave your comfort zone. By doing that, you are just expanding your comfort zone!

If you are looking for a real challenge, take risks for your dreams:

Do you want to travel the world? Give up on your luxury and put some real money aside.

Do you want to build a hustle project? Invest some real money in it.

Knowing you are secure financially for a foreseeable future will make you stay in that zone. Let the amount of money that you have make you uncomfortable. Let the idea of financial breakdown scare you. So you feel compelled to put more effort for the future you want.

4-Make Changes To Your Daily Routine

Change your daily routines. Follow the successful people like Jack Ma, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos. Sleep less, wake up early, run 30 minutes in the morning, workout every day…

Yes, these are common advice when it comes to pushing yourself and getting out of your comfort zone.

I tried to stick to the daily routines of successful people for too long. But as always, I was missing something.

What I was doing wrong was trying to follow the exact same recipe with others. For example, I never asked my body if he needs more sleep or wants to run early in the morning. I thought following the exact same recipe with others would help me to increase my productivity.

it didn’t happen and I gave up every time.

Actually, this is not the wrong method to follow. I mean, there is nothing wrong with stealing ideas from others. You just need to make some adjustments and prepare your special recipe according to your needs.

If you are a night person, you are a night person. It is okay. I accept the fact that mornings are perfect but for your dreams, you need to find your most productive time periods to work.

If you want to play basketball rather than running for 30 minutes, it is okay. I know, running by the seaside sounds fantastic but for your dreams, you need to keep your body healthy.

Don’t be stubborn. You don’t need to follow the exact same path with others. Push yourself to find your own way.

5-Take Time Management Seriously

One of the biggest enemies of productivity is not having any plan about the time. In order to stay productive, you should take time management seriously. Thinking like “I am able to get things done any time that I want” is the comfort zone you created yourself.

Plan out your day, week, month. Have a schedule. Use to-do list apps. Determine your priorities and know when to do what.

I know it sounds bothersome. But this is the purpose behind it. Push yourself to take steps towards your dreams.

6-Ask For Help

I was trying to handle everything on my own. I was thinking like “Hell yeah, now I am doing a lot of work! This is the stairway to success.”. 

Guess what? It didn’t work. I was wrong, again. This mentality didn’t help me to reach any of my goals. 

For example, one of my ultimate goals is to become a digital nomad with a laptop backpack. Since I started to work in digital marketing I am dreaming of reaching that point every day.

It cost me two projects to understand this is not going to happen by myself. I needed to take a lot of help. So, I started to contact professionals that will help me to overcome the obstacles easily.

So, you ask for help too. You can’t learn everything. Communicate with people. Do some networking.

There are people willing to help you. Reach out to them. Push yourself financially and mentally. Invest in your project, network with people. This is how you get out of your comfort zone and take steps to your dreams.

PS: I am still working for a company from home. Actually, working for a company is not the main issue for me. As long as I work for a company that matches my values, it is okay. Being a digital nomad? Yes, I still dream about that and I’ll reach that dream at some point!  As an employee or as a freelancer, doesn’t matter. I’ll update all of you guys when I do, promise!

7-Listen Yourself, Understand Your Needs

Living for others is easy. The struggle starts when you want to live for yourself. Because this is not the common path in today’s world. Especially in the region that I grew up in. Let me explain a little bit.

In eastern countries, generally, people are more family-oriented than in western countries. People like to stay together, with their families. It is normal to see big families that are living in the same streets. You can encounter this situation even in big cities.

In those countries when someone starts to be selfish for his/her own needs, people don’t want to accept this choice. So, people prefer to stay in their comfort zone.

In my opinion, this way of thinking is not helping anyone. If someone wants to improve his/her self, first he/she needs to understand his/her needs. Then start to take action according to this.

So here, mostly I want to talk to people who have a family-oriented lifestyle.

Guys, if you want to improve yourself, you need to start living a self-oriented life. This is how you are going to get out of your comfort zone. Change your perspective and focus on yourself. Trust me, this is better for the people who you love as much as good for you.

To do this, stay in the moment and give more space to yourself.

8-Declutter Your Life

Did you hear about the minimalist lifestyle before? I heard about it, not too long ago. But the moment I started to listen to The Minimalists podcast was the moment I realized this was what I needed.

To unleash my true potential, I had to declutter my life and start living a simpler life. So I did. You can’t imagine how hard it was. I would never have guessed that trying to live an intentional life would be so difficult.

I still struggle with this. It is hard to buy things consciously or taking only the people that match with your values in your life. In general, it is hard to say no. But this lifestyle is a must if you want to change yourself, change the world.

This was all. I tried to explain how to get out of your comfort zone and unleash your true potential. I hope I gave you some courage to take action to improve yourself.

If you have any comments or ideas about this article, please feel free to mention it in the comments! And don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

Furkan Patan

Digital Marketer & Traveller. Blogger @HowToMotivateMe & @OlmeGormeden

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