Meditation Can Increase Your Productivity, Give It A Try

In this article, I will try to explain the positive effects of meditation on productivity. Hope this will find you well and you will boost your productivity with daily meditation.

As the intensity of life is increasing tremendously, we human beings find ourselves overwhelmed by everything happening around us. Worth noting that most often we are heedless of how the external environment is distracting us from our main goals or real desires.

Given the fact of our busy and hard lives, our distraction and inability to make the right decisions are quite understandable. The more the mind is racing and stressed the harder it gets to be productive and efficient.

Only when you have clarity in thoughts you will get to reach your ultimate potentials and achieve more and more. This can only happen through meditation, something that all of us know about but unluckily only very few tried it.


You Should Try Meditation To Increase Your Productivity

Meditation has many benefits that can improve your daily life. And while you might be thinking that “in my busy schedule I don’t have the luxury to spare 15 min per day only to monitor my breath!” well, let me tell you that this 15 min will pay you back way more than you expect. 

The most successful people around the world consider meditation as an irreplaceable action in their daily life, they place it as a priority. If it is not promising then why would they -with their super busy and intense life- devote time for it?

What Is The Aim Of Meditation?

Now you might have tried it and it didn’t work, I know people who said that sitting in a calm place, closing eyes and counting every inhale and exhale got them more stressed because they couldn’t stop their minds from wandering around and they lost track of their breath.

Surprisingly, this is perhaps the main aim of meditation; your mind is very likely to wander because observing breathing can’t occupy all your attention. But this is exactly how you elevate your level of attention control by continuously returning your wandering mind to focus on your breath. This allows the improvement of each aspect of the quality of your attention.

Step by Step: Make Meditation As A Daily Routine

Your brain is going to resist, after all, our minds tend to reject each new act or idea that we are not previously familiar with. You should reduce the level of your resistance by tailoring the practice in a way that feels doable to you.

For instance; 30 min might seem too hard, you can bear with it the first two days but then you will find excuses to stop. Reduce it to 20 min, if 20 minutes still seems hard it is totally fine to go for 10 or 5 minutes per day and then increase them gradually as you feel ready. With meditation there is only one rule; “the amount of minutes doesn’t matter as long as you are doing it daily.”

You Will See The Positive Effect Of Meditation

Many studies have been conducted to track the effects of meditation and the results were always promising, only after 20 days of meditation people gained better control over directing their attention to more essential issues, they were more energized to do more work, and also were able to eliminate all the distractions that hinder them from concentrating.

Daily practice enhances our perspective because meditation works on reducing stress and anxiety which leaves more space to see things from different angles, this will help to gain better insight about what really does matter, what kind of urges are shallow and driven by mere shallow desire and what is really essential to us.

With time you will develop a better understanding of your priorities and will be able to master the art of controlling your actions and decisions. The more your mind is clear, the less it will wander and thus you will be more capable of focusing.

It’s definitely worth a try, and don’t judge it before practicing at least for 7 days. With this small amount of time, you will see a remarkable difference in your productivity and daily achievements.

Candic Britt

CEO & Founder of How To Motivate Me

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