How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Whenever we hear the word “Healthy” diets and sport come directly to our minds. We associate the concept of being healthy with the meals we eat and the amount of workout we do. While this is true to some extent, there is something we always seem to neglect, which is Maintaining Fully a Healthy Lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle consists of taking care of your mind as much as your body. They complete each other. If one of them isn’t functioning well the other one will break down soon.

Taking care of both of them is vital. You also have to keep in mind that following an intensive diet and pushing yourself is not the key. In order for the magic to happen you need to accept “Moderation”.

Here we go with a very simple-to-integrate things in your life that will make you maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Enjoy The Journey

enjoy the journey

I’m not that nerd who is able to manage it all. Some days are perfect where I exercise and do my salad, shower and sleep early. And days where I just fall in the trap of one episode of netflix that takes me to another 5 episodes. 

But what keeps me going back to being healthy is the changes I see and how they make me feel. I can’t emphasize this enough! You need to listen to your body and see how it feels after you move those muscles. Or when you reduce the amount of sugar you get per day. Or when you cut social media for a few hours.

You Must follow up and see the fruits after few days. This will make you fall in love with these habits. And thus you will always find your way back to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Handle Stress

handle stress

Nothing will work out with stress. Stress will lead to many troubles and negative thoughts. When you are stressed you will eat more irrationally. You won’t focus at work. Even exercising won’t let you lose weight. 

I can’t simply tell you to relax and not worry if you are having hard times. But there are some techniques like meditation and tips that will help you deal better with it and lower your stress. –Check our article for Meditation Can Increase Your Productivity

In addition to all this, don’t forget that maintaining a healthy lifestyle during hard times is vital for your mental and physical health.

Stay In Motion

stay in motion

Our modern world made us glued to screens and laziness. We stick on our desks for hours and when we finish work we stick our eyes to our phones. But being healthy means you must be in motion!

Sometimes when I’m working from home, I start to lose my energy and then there is a current of negativity flowing to me. At this moment I found the best practice is to get up and move around. Sometimes I just head to the kitchen and busy my mind with inventing something from leftovers. 

Trust me these methods have a high effect on your energy. 

And don’t forget to exercise! Your body will thank you even for a 15 minutes of workout. Exercising improves circulation which means that daily activity won’t be this much tiring anymore. 

Maintain a Healthy Diet

maintain healthy diet

We are what we eat! 

Try to eliminate sugary things as much as possible. I am obsessed with ice cream, and sometimes I can eat two in a row. But what I grew to notice is that after I ate chocolate or ice cream my productivity starts to decline and I feel heavy. 

Developing healthy habits when it comes to food is not easy, running to junk food is way easier and time savior but the price is higher!

Luckily nowadays there are many blogs on instagram that are sharing healthy and fast recipes. And they are fun to make and eat, not boring untasty food. Give them a shot and you yourself will shift your eating habits.

Drink Water As Much As You Can

drink water

Drinking a ton of water is one of the magical keys to a healthy lifestyle.

No words can be enough for this part. Water is pivotal for our being, it reduces stress, improves skin, even it is good for muscles and joints. And another bonus; the more you drink the more you delay aging signs!

Keep a water bottle next to you while working, and if you don’t like water (yes there are people who don’t like water, my mom is one of them) you can simply add tea bags or fruit to flavor it. 

Do Not Starve

do not starve

Wait, I’m not saying overeat, no just don’t starve yourself.

If you are not fulfilled, you will be stressed and you won’t know why. 

In order to function well, we need to give our bodies the right food and the right amount of it. Having a very big meal at lunch will make you sleepy and heavy. And definitely not the best prescription for productivity.

Also eating only salad for lunch will derive you from energy and again you won’t work well. Balance is magic! and one more important thing is the time between meals, if you are having lunch between 12-2 p.m then definitely you need to eat something between 4-6 pm.

Listen to your body needs and reciprocate with it.

Invest In Traveling

invest in traveling

Spend on experiences not things. 

Making travel part of your life is a smart choice for a healthy lifestyle. It will help you relax, shift your perspective, connect with the world, and add a lot to you. 

Once you expand your horizons you can’t shrink back, and so once you get used to travel you can’t stop it. Even small trips that help you disconnect from daily routine will benefit you mentally and physically. 

Stay connected to the world. Don’t get trapped in the bubble of your own life circle. There are lives out there waiting to be discovered and explored!

You Are Not That Much Busy

not busy

Have you ever noticed your answers when certain questions arise? 

  1. When was the last time you read a book?
  2. When was the last time you took a walk -and didn’t check your phone-?
  3. When was the last time you had a quality talk with your mom?
  4. When was the last time you enjoyed making brunch and eating it without checking your phone?
  5. Or even when was the last time that you got involved in new activities?

The fact is that our current world imposed on us unhealthy habits that made us like zombies. The answer for most of the questions above is that “I don’t have time”.

Actually you do. If you reduce the amount of hours you spend on your phone you will be able to do many extra things. In other words, you will be ALIVE!

Investing in your time wisely is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle.

Watch Your Habits

watch your habits

To acquire bad habits is easy, to get rid of them is hell not.

Watch out your habits, be conscious and mindful, trust that gut feeling in you when you are doing something. Whatever the habit is; sleeping late, talking a lot, smoking, drinking, you name it.

Be kind to yourself and take care of these habits in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Get Enough Sleep

sleep well

I bet that in every article you will read this tip. Sleep well, don’t compromise sleep with anything else.

Nothing will make it up, not the most thrilling amazing series in the world or millions of blogs on social media. Nothing. 

Consider also that the effects are not only in day to day life but lack of sleep will affect you in the long term as well. Developing a habit of sleeping early might be hard at the beginning, but everything is doable with trying consistently.

And finally I will end with this – make these stranger practices your normal familiar habits-

The only recipe is to fall in love with it, make it fit you. Nothing can happen if you push yourself without the will and determination. And most importantly don’t try to fit in any other person’s routine or practices. You need to develop your own unique patterns. And only then the magic of a healthy lifestyle can happen. 

Furkan Patan

Digital Marketer & Traveller. Blogger @HowToMotivateMe & @OlmeGormeden

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