How To Stop Being Lazy? 6 Ways To Overcome Laziness

Before I start to give further steps, I want to give you the very first step of overcome laziness:

Find Out the Root Cause To Overcome Laziness

If you aren’t suffering from any serious illness then chances are you are lazy because you are unmotivated. 

In every little detail, if you wanna know the cause and how to solve the related issue, the best thing to do is go back to the roots.

Ask yourself questions and try to find the root cause. 

  1. Are people around you causing you stress?
  2. Are you feeling some kind of inferiority that made you give up on doing anything?
  3. Or are there not enough challenges to motivate you to get up and do the work? -Some people function at zero level if the situation around them is flat.-
overcome laziness

Maybe you went through a bad experience and while you think you got over it, it still eats on you and left you hopeless or out of energy.

Don’t forget to always ask questions and get to answers with self-compassion. Don’t trigger any negative self-talk because it will leave you more unmotivated and thus you won’t be able to overcome laziness, on the contrary, it will be more aroused.

Once you know the reasons, the solution can be easily tailored. And you can easily overcome laziness.

1.Find Your Obsession

find your obsession to overcome laziness

In order to be productive, we must be in love, only strong desires can get us to move

Probably right now your days are all the same, flat and dull. If there is nothing you can do in this minute to change the situation and you have to go through your daily boring tasks, What I suggest you is to find something you can contemplate about. 

Visualize something, go back to yourself and wonder if the situation were different, what kind of thing you would want to be doing now, and from here start small steps.

If you don’t have time, spare only 30 minutes per day for this dream. Working on it will make you stop being lazy and It will give you some passion and energy to go through other uninteresting things because you have something rewarding you are looking for. 

2.Break Down Your Tasks To Not Be Overwhelmed

break down tasks

Sometimes the tasks can be so huge and we don’t know the starting point. 

For example, you want to create an infographic video for the first time, you need to design the infographics and prepare them, then you need to learn how to use a video tool, adding audio, adding effects…etc. 

We humans are not good at dealing with unfamiliar things and once we see that there is something new we immediately block it out. So maybe you are not lazy, maybe you are just overwhelmed.

Therefore, start with small steps, and don’t be harsh on yourself. A small step is better than no step at all. Learn how to break whatever task you have and start slowly. 

3.Push Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone

go out from your comfort zone

I think you are familiar with the saying “Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you”.

Sometimes overcoming laziness is hard because we tend to keep procrastinating specific tasks, and run away from actions that can actually level us up in life, Just because approaching something new is so hard. 

Let me tell you this, the more you delay something the more you are delaying life and opportunities. No matter how hard it seems, no matter how much you don’t like it, you have to do the dirty work with your hands. You can’t harvest if you don’t plant. 😉 

Think about the reward and visualize it. This will give you a push to overcome laziness. If you are lost and restless knowing something wrong in your current lifestyle but not able to identify what it is then take some special time, write down how you are feeling, and explore, the answer will seek you back.

4.Set More Reasonable Goals

set reasonable goals

Oh boy, we have all been here before.

How many of us have experienced this before; waking up with high energy and motivation, with a feeling that we can conquer the world and so we prepare a huge list of tasks that we want to get done. Only to realize at the end of the day we barely crossed out half of it. Then we go on scolding ourselves, and angry because we are not reliable people!

Let me clarify one thing. The problem wasn’t you, it is that list!

If you want to stop being lazy and get things done then they must be reasonable. We humans are not designed to work all this amount of hours and bear all this stress. Our ancestors used to only work around 20 hours a week!

If you want to get things done you have to be realistic. Personally, I always include in my day easy tasks, moderate tasks, hard tasks. Some of them are already planned to be done in 2 or 3 days. 

In this way, I assure that at the end of the day I get many things done on different levels.

5.Recognize Your Distraction Stimuluses and Shut Them Out. 

eleminate distractions

Your laziness source might be coming from incapability to focus. Many studies have shown how our phones distract us and work as a stimuli for parts of the brain’s reward system. And so whenever we need to initiate something that needs concentration we simply hop back to that virtual world.

Even though right now there are many apps that can help you block different platforms for specific hours, taking action should be coming from within you.

In other words, unless you truly desire to get things done and make a definite intention to keep distractions away, nothing on earth can help you.

This is why try to talk your way through it. And try to realize your productivity and energy level after shutting them out.

6.Stop Claiming Perfectionism

stop seeking for perfection

I will declare one fact that may leave you in awe.

You think you are seeking perfection when actually you are just afraid of getting started.

Sometimes we spend a lot of time on a small part of a task, trying to make it perfect only because we are afraid of moving on to the next step or afraid of the final result. Or even being intimidated by people’s judgement makes us work extra not-required time.

You need to get rid of these false statements in your head. 

The only way to get things done is by just starting and keep moving. And always keep in your mind that “perfect” comes with practice and continuous consistent work.

Last but not least, it is vital to also consider giving yourself the luxurious feeling of being lazy every now and then. Taking a break and freeing your mind is totally ok. It is only a problem when it starts to become a lifestyle. 

You are in the Driver Seat.

Keep this in your mind. So you know that any type of action you need in your life right now is in your hands. 🙂

Furkan Patan

Digital Marketer & Traveller. Blogger @HowToMotivateMe & @OlmeGormeden

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