How to Stop Procrastination During Quarantine?

It’s fair to say that covid-19 has totally transformed the shape of our lives. And today, I will tackle a topic that we started to struggle more from with the quarantine… Ways to stop procrastination during quarantine. 

“How can I stop procrastination during quarantine” If you ever asked during the last year this question, then hands up! Over a year passed and many of us are struggling even more from the lockdown.

Covid 19 has bred a new set of obstacles that made it even harder for us to increase our productivity and maintain our focus. While working from home we might find ourselves cleaning the bathroom instead of finishing a task or spending endless time checking recipes for dinner instead of working. I bet you can relate!


The Question Is Why?

We all follow time management techniques to combat procrastination and they are working if you use them at the right place. But we need to take other steps before coming to that point. So, first thing first. According to studies, procrastination is an emotional management problem. You must take care of this before moving to other solutions.

You don’t work not because you are lazy or because you are incapable of managing your time. You don’t work because your feelings and memories are dominating your present mood, burdening you with distorted lenses that make working in this minute a tough grind

And in our case with the pandemic, we left with a lot of uncertainty, suspended issues, loneliness, and plenty of time to remember and reflect on the past. 

Procrastination Is A Misguided Regulation Strategy

When you put important tasks aside to clean the bathroom or watch Netflix you are doing this to avoid the discomfort that comes with starting to work. The task is either so hard and you don’t have the mental energy to do it or you are afraid of failure…etc.

With covid-19 emotional problems increased. With all this uncertainty that continues even after a whole year, it is quite hard to regulate our emotions. Not only the isolation but also many issues like unemployment caused by the pandemic or not being able to see your loved ones makes it extremely hard to feel optimistic and concentrate on our valuable goals

The problem though is that the more you put off crucial tasks that contribute to your growth, the worse you will feel. You may be gaining instant pleasure or relief, but frustration and guilt feelings will come and haunt you sooner or later. 

So… How To Manage Your Emotions? 

Becoming psychologically flexible is not easy. Especially when you are locked in a home and life seems to be taking a long nap. Most of us during quarantine, and I can tell from myself, had a huge chance to linger on past traumas and unpleasant memories. 

The thing is…The more your mood is bad the less you will have the energy to work. 

Simply put, if you are dominated by anger, worry, unhealed traumas, and then a situation that doesn’t seem to come to an end, how would you see a bright future or even feel the urge to work for it? 

The situation is totally justifiable and understood. Luckily there are ways that will help you to stop procrastination during quarantine. These practices though can help you at any time. They are skills and habits you build that will drastically change your life!

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How to Stop Procrastination During Quarantine?

Although it might seem like a dead-end situation, there are ways that can help you regulate your emotions and start becoming more productive even during the pandemic. Let’s see the steps together.

Build Mental And Emotional Strength

Let’s start with the fundamental skills that will help you stop procrastination during quarantine. You guessed it… The psychological part.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness might seem a dull act to some. The truth is, Yes it requires work, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Mindfulness is about being aware and thoughtful about where you are and how you are feeling. You can practice mindfulness in whatever way that works best for you. Again, Keep it simple

You can practice mindfulness while eating, or drinking coffee, focus on the taste and the smell, simply sit there and be in the moment. You can also practice it while exercising or meditating, cooking, or walking. 

The purpose is to provide yourself with the space to fill up your tank and recharge. Be aware that being continuously anxious about the situation won’t help you cope with it. And it will affect your mood and productivity. Leading you to procrastinate more. 

Mindfulness helps you ground yourself, be more present and it is a great way to develop emotional strength skills that will keep you focused instead of roaming from one room to the other, procrastinating away your day. 

Do Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and procrastination? You might be wondering if we are still on the same page. 

Well, yes. They are related.

Yoga exercise where you get to be active 50%* of the time, can positively impact how you feel. 

As I said in the beginning, we procrastinate not because we are lazy but because we are occupied with negative feelings. Yoga can reduce depression and anxiety. Which makes it ideal for our current situation with the pandemic where we are struggling with a lot of uncertainty.

Meditation also that focuses on the breath will yield countless benefits on your mental health. These kinds of practices will allow you to experience a calm mind, filter out negative thoughts and increase your willpower. 

To stop procrastination during quarantine, you have to work on practices that strengthen you mentally and increase your willpower. So what are you waiting for?

Don’t isolate Yourself, Keep Connecting

Over a year passed and we still not sure if we will work from offices yet, celebrating holidays together still under question. This is not how life works. 

When we feel sad or stressed, we are more prone to lock ourselves away from others and drown in our thoughts. This is not healthy. No surprise to see your mood going down, hardly able to focus or stressed all the time. 

We, humans, need connection in order to thrive. And if you are under stress and negativity all the time, then it is totally natural to keep procrastination during quarantine. 

A little dialogue with the right people can not only improve your mood but give you the strength and desire to keep moving forward. 

We all need support, we need people who can hold our backs, we need to share, love, and be loved. Be larger than life. Connect with others. Share things. Do things virtually together. 

Don’t keep your head in the disaster of the pandemic. Try to create memories and stay in touch with your loved ones and you will see a huge shift in your mood.

Are you struggling with procrastination? I have put together a list of articles that covers everything you need to know about procrastination and that will help you stop it.

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Now, Take Actions

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Mark Twain

Building mental and emotional strength is essential but without actions, it won’t pay you anything. Both of them reinforce one another. So follow these simple three steps that will help you to stop your procrastination.

Plan Your Day Ahead

Even though there are plenty of instructions on how to stop procrastinating in general. I believe this one is the most effective one. Simply because it gives you clarity of what are the most important things that you want to get done by the next day. 

The thing with humans is that our willpower is limited. With each new decision, we make in a day our willpower tank gets depleted, which makes focusing or committing to a plan even harder. 

If you start your day with no clear idea of what you want to achieve during your day, you will get busy planning and organizing things, and being busy doesn’t mean being productive

I experiment continuously with productive hacks, this tip and the next one proved to be the ones that can bring the highest value to your day. So if you really want to stop procrastination during quarantine, I recommend you start planning your day the evening before!

Just Start

Nothing will happen until you start. There is an honor in taking action. Although we can feel doubtful about the results unless you put in the work, unless you start, there will be no result whatsoever.

It is easy to fall into the trap of checking many productivity and procrastination articles like this one. Somehow it makes us feel productive. But ironically reading them doesn’t necessarily mean we will apply them.

The only thing that will actually help you stop procrastination during quarantine is simply to start. I would recommend you to use a time tracking tool. I personally use Toggl and it forced me to build my discipline. 

When you are in worry, your thoughts are scattered and you are roaming from one world to the other in your head. Instead of staring blankly at the screen, turn your timer on and start the task you have in hand.

Procrastination Quotes Procrastination quotes can be really helpful if you keep them close to your eyes, they will help you stay focused!

It takes a few times to get used to it. But you need to break the procrastination cycle, and the best way is to train yourself to take action. 

Remind yourself that worrying is natural especially with today’s world crisis. But it can’t get you anywhere. And the best you can do is to just start!

76 Action Quotes That Will Inspire You to Take Action. 

Remind Yourself Daily Of How Living A Meaningful Life Look Like

As Oprah put it:

“You can’t avoid the daily tremors. They come with being alive”.

Even though this uncertainty has the power to knock us to our knees. If we can ground ourselves and take one more extra step every day, we might (and hopefully can) change the course of our lives. 

I genuinely know how hard it is to keep the momentum every day. It’s been a year and believe me or not my life was in a constant shake-up. And the amount of fear and instability associated with the situation is bloody scary. 

But these days are here to teach us something. Languishing so much in our worry won’t take us anywhere. And procrastination generally is a sneaky thief that steals our lives away. 

To keep taking action every single day, find a way to remind yourself of your goals, dreams. What living a valuable life means to you. What is it that you want to seek and you definitely don’t want to leave the earth without accomplishing or knowing? 

You need to renew the commitment every single day. Wake up and remind yourself that you will put the past and all the associated feelings aside and focus on today. And hopefully, we will survive this period!

That was all. In this article, I’ve tried to explain how to stop procrastination during quarantine. If you have any other suggestions to overcome procrastination, just share with us your experiences to support others in this adventure! And don’t forget to share your comments about this article below!

Candic Britt

CEO & Founder of How To Motivate Me

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