My Morning Routine – Experiment #1

In this article, I will try to explain my perspective towards morning routines. I also will share details for my current morning routine and will share some tips that will help you to establish a brand new morning routine special to you. 

A couple of days ago, I started a brand new morning routine. What makes this one different other than my dozens of past experiments is something has changed my life. Last week, I get fired. And I started to try this morning routine right after that happened.

Actually, I need to be fair. Because we parted amicably with my boss. We sat, talked about the situation, and couldn’t find a common ground that makes everyone happy. In the end, there were no hard feelings.  But still, unemployment during these chaotic times is hard. 

Anyway, I decided to look at this experience as a chance to act on the things I’ve always wanted. Because now, I have control over something more valuable than anything: The Time.


Morning Routine: Is It Necessary?

Having a proper, sustainable morning routine was one of those things I’ve always wanted. This is why even when I was working as an employee (still feel strange), I was pushing so hard to have a routine that will increase my productivity.

Yes, I think it is necessary. At least for me. Not just to imitate successful people. But to feel grounded and settled at the beginning of the day. To feel the success by getting things done in the very first minutes of the day. And to keep the same momentum during the day towards my goals.

So, after having a lazy week, I finally pushed myself to have a morning routine. And you know what? I didn’t wait for a specific date to start. I gave it a start on a Saturday morning. I’ve shocked my body and brain with a surprise.

“If you win the morning, you win the day.” – Tim Ferris

This morning routine working well so far. I am having some troubles, indeed. For example, since I didn’t have any workout routine for months, my body in pain right now. But it is okay. I know I will get used to it.

I decided to share this experiment(s) on the blog. Here in this article, I’ll share my morning routine, when I’ll be changing it, and some tips to establish a morning routine. And in the following articles, I’ll be updating my experiment with new articles.

Disclaimer: Everything I wrote below depends on my experiences. Things can change when it comes to your journey. So, this is not a certain recipe that works for everyone.

Don’t forget: There is nothing wrong with stealing ideas from others. However, only you can prepare a recipe that is special to your situation.

What Is My Morning Routine?

As I mentioned before, I’ve tried different morning routines in the past. I’ve tried to wake up at 6 and start writing immediately. I’ve tried to wake up at 8 and run to work. I’ve tried to wake up at 7 to hit the gym.

I just wanted to start my day on the right foot. But, all of them were complicated or exhausting.

This time, I tried to create a simple and good morning routine list that will help me to take care of myself. You know, simplicity is the secret ingredient of happiness. So I thought if I keep things simple, I’ll be happy and my productivity will increase inherently.

For example, I don’t push myself to wake up before the sunset anymore. This was something I tried as a morning routine and failed so many times. Don’t misunderstand me. I would like to listen to the song from nature before the day started. This sounds great!

But unfortunately, my body doesn’t agree with me. He says I need to get enough sleep to be efficient during the day. This means either I need to give up on nights and go to bed around 10 or I need to wake up after the sunset.

Since I have the power to manage my own time, I decided to save my nights. And until the time I find a job that matches my values, I’ll be waking up around 8 AM. Bearing in mind that:

Here is my current morning routine list:

  • Wake Up Around 8: Couldn’t stick to it properly yet. Some days I wake up at 9. Some days 8.30. But getting better.
  • Check Twitter Account: Yes, I do it. Sorry folks, but it is really hard for me to get out of bed. I need a distraction. But the good news is I designed my Twitter account. I turned it into a digital library by following people who are experts in things I am interested in (like SEO, finance, writing, Google Ads, etc.).
  • Drink Water & Exercise & Brew Coffee: I have insulin resistance. Which means I am so close to having diabetes. And when I wake up, I immediately want to eat something like peanut butter. Which destroys my body at the beginning of the day. What I found useful for this is drinking water and having an exercise routine just for 15 minutes. During my exercise routine, I also brew coffee.
  • Breakfast: After I manage to stop my monster wishes for unhealthy foods by drinking water and having a short exercise, I have a healthy, light breakfast.
  • Start Writing: At the end of my morning routine (which takes around 1 hour), I start writing.

When I Will Be Changing My Morning Routine?

As you see above, I tried to keep my new morning routine as simple as possible. The previous ones were hard to stick to consistently. Because I was making things complicated by flying in the face of my needs. This one is relatively easy to deal with. And it is going pretty well so far.

But nothing lasts.

I know, my brand new morning routine won’t last too. Because my life will be changing. And I will be changing my routine according to my needs. For example, I might find a new job in a near future. With that being said, I will need to adjust my sleeping and waking up hours.

There is nothing wrong with changing.

So, I’ll try this one for 2 weeks or so. And then I’ll check what is happening in my life. Thus, I will adjust my morning routine.

How To Establish A Morning Routine?

how to establish a morning routine

I am not an expert. You would agree with me. Especially if you could’ve seen my efforts to put a morning routine but fail continuously. Actually, you would’ve said that to my face. But still, I have some experiences to share. 

So below, you will see 6 steps of a method I am following every time I want to establish a morning routine.

1.Keep Things Simple

If there is one thing I want to execute for all my goals it would be this. I learned over the years I should keep things as simple as possible. But this is easier said than done. Yet, it is possible. Even though in the hardest situations.

There are two things that you need to practice while you are establishing a new routine: To be patient and logical.

  • You need the patience to keep things simple because you’ll be experiencing new things. Every new thing means ambiguity. And naturally, we don’t like ambiguity. So you need to be patient during the process.
  • You need to be logical to keep things simple because you need to reward your patience with actions. So you need to make logical adjustments to your morning routine that fits your needs.

By practicing these two points, you’ll be able to cut unnecessary tasks from your morning routine. Thus, you’ll have a simple and good morning routine that reduces the stress level and easy to follow.

2.Start Your Routine The Night Before

I couldn’t manage to have a proper morning routine until the last week. I tried so many times, and I failed each. But whenever I wanted to have a morning routine, I had one simple rule for the night before.

Setting A Sleep Time.

For me, I need to take 8 hours of sleep to be able to function properly the next day. So, I adjust my bedtime accordingly.

I don’t know how much sleep your body needs. It is up to you to find ideal hours for yourself. But whatever it is, don’t give up on that. Take your sleep so you can find the energy to start a day by getting things done.

3.Track Your Progress

Write a journal, use an app, have a google Google Sheet. Whatever it is, track your progress. You should have this habit to see your improvement.

Think of this as proof to yourself.

Yes, you need proof. Because we tend to lie about things. Even to ourselves. So it is important to see peaks and troughs. This will help you to motivate yourself and set things in motion.

4.Have A Bounty Program

After following your morning routine for a while (let’s say 1 week), celebrate your success. Don’t break the routine but reward yourself with something else.

For example, order a delicious burger or drink a beer to celebrate yourself. Options are not limited only to eating and drinking. You can buy a book you’ve wanted to read for a long time. You can go to a place you’ve always wanted to see.

I don’t know what it is for you but you should definitely give yourself a reward. Because you deserve it.

5.Create Your Morning Routine

There is something I persistently emphasize from the very beginning of this article. There is no one magical recipe that fits everyone in the self-improvement journey.

Every human being has their own needs. You need to understand this and take your actions accordingly. 

For example, while establishing your morning routine, don’t try to push your limits. I know you want to live your life like successful people. But sleeping 5 hours just for to sake of waking up at 5 AM might not be good for your body.

Listen yourself.

This is not something you should be proud of while you are telling your new routine to your friends. Establish a morning routine that will make YOU happy. Not the others.

6.Never Give Up

And finally, you’ve created your own morning routine. Now it is time to put that into action, consistently. Don’t forget: Making logical adjustments during the process is okay. But giving up is not an option.

That was all. In this article, I tried to explain my perspective towards morning routines. I also have shared details for my morning routine and have shared some tips that will help you to establish a brand new morning routine special to you. 

If you have any other suggestions to stop multitasking, just share with us your experiences to support others in this adventure! And don’t forget to share your comments about this article below!

Furkan Patan

Digital Marketer & Traveller. Blogger @HowToMotivateMe & @OlmeGormeden

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