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Motivational movies are not simply 2 hours or so movies. Their plot, words, scenes accompany us for a long time. Of course, there are light movies that leave us shortly after we watch them. But the most inspirational movies possess a colorful way to become glued in our hearts for years to come. 

The thing with this type of motivational movies is that they tell a story that resembles us in one way or another, either a life we are dreaming to live, or a hardship we are going through. They show us how there are other people who experienced the same feelings which tells us that we are not alone. 

They teach us how to have courage, faith, hope, to be honest with ourselves. To find our purpose and give us worthwhile lessons. 

Personally speaking, I consider books, movies, and traveling the best teachers anyone can ever have. With that being said, I’ll share with you a list of my favorite 11 motivational movies: 

The Intouchables (2011)

The Intouchables

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it will bring laughter and tears to you. This movie is one of my favorite motivational movies. Telling an exceptional deep friendship between two men who are so different from each other. It pushes you to see life and relationships for their pure essence without all the layers that culture has imposed and focus on the common humanity that gathers us together. 

If you are a believer that the world can be a better place, then this movie will pull the strings of your heart and then fill you with hope and love.

Hector And The Search Of Happiness (2014)

Hector And The Search Of Happiness

One of my favorites! Let me tell you first why I love this one.

Many people go through life without bothering to face themselves, or ask themselves real questions, figure out the purpose of their existence or simply reflect on their lives to see if they are really happy or just faking it.

This movie tells the story of a man who faced his dissatisfaction with the fake therapy he is giving to his patients. And decided to break out of his dull flat life. Later as he left his country and had an amazing journey from China to Africa to Los Angeles he started his quest for the real meaning of happiness. 

One of the loveliest quotes of this movie “Sometimes happiness is not knowing the whole story, Happiness is being loved for who you are”

One of the motivational movies that will give you a lot especially if you are a traveling lover. 

Eat Pray Love (2010)

Eat Pray Love

This movie must be on top of your list if you are: fascinated about traveling, and breaking out from circumscribed life. 

It has warmth, humor, diversity, inspiration, and faith. An amazing journey that opened a window onto a woman who craved a bigger life, and has a passion for something bigger than a typical life. 

The movie meanders through amazing places, people, moments, food, and the struggle of the role actress. One that you must see among other motivational movies. It will trigger you to be authentic with who you are and what you really want.

Lion (2016)


A story full of hope and bittersweet moments of a lost and separated kid from his biological parents. Who then gets adopted by amazing parents who rescued him from hunger and poverty. This kid journey is full of sorrow, joy, excitement, and you definitely don’t need to be adopted to have strong feelings while watching it. 

This movie is one of the most inspirational movies. It will bring tears and joy to your heart and will leave you with a lot of thoughts and hope!

The Pursuit Of Happiness (2006)

The Pursuit Of Happyness

This movie will move you in many ways. Even if you have seen it before, I bet you would like to watch it again. It tells the story not only of a black man who is trying to make his place in the world, but also it tells a story of a father’s love, faith, hard work. 

This man who was moving from one shelter to the other with his 5 years son, fighting a war against poverty, finally became one of the most successful men. 

It is warm and will leave you with a lot of mixed good feelings. And definitely, you will get a lot of motivational lessons from its folds. 

Life Of Pi (2012)

Life Of Pi

A heartwarming story that brings different aspects of life and spirituality together. Everything in this movie has a metaphorical meaning. And the main message is to never lose faith, in moments of grief, sadness, challenges., when our fear and anxiety seem to be our enemy. Do not lose the faith in your vision, yourself, and that God is watching over you.

Everything in this movie, from the production, the visuals, the story will take over your heart. What makes it also significant is that they conveyed all aspects written in the original story.

It is strange, touching, it will open your eyes to new dimensions and surely inspire you. 

Wild (2014)


Another strong woman story! But this time it is telling a story of a woman who doesn’t know what she wants which drives her to leave everything behind and hit the road with a huge backpack on her shoulders. 

I love how the backpack is just a metaphor for her burdens and worries. And I absolutely love her journey and everything she encountered. 

It is one of those movies that shows you how hope and peace of mind always exist, we just need to seek them with a good heart. 

The Theory Of Everything (2014)

The Theory Of Everything

This one is an astonishing story extracted from the life of one of the greatest minds on earth. The movie takes you inside the life of Steven Hawking, all the suffering and emotions he experienced along his journey. Not only the story that will fascinate you, but the performance as well. Playing the role of Steven’s personality isn’t such an easy thing, yet the performance was breathtaking. This movie is one of the best motivational movies.

Joy (2015)


Simply one of the best motivational movies, telling the story of a divorced woman who is supporting her whole family. Lack of sources and a full time job that leave her exhausted, hopeless after she was an amazing creative child who dreamed of a big life. 

She never gives up, and with her faith that she can create something with her abilities she keeps pushing, challenging and fighting herself and everything comes in her way. 

The production might not be the best but it is a story that will teach you about perseverance, hardship, and hope. 

Becoming (2020)

Becoming Michelle Obama

A short documentary of Michelle Obama life. I would like to say that the book is better in many ways. All the depth and beauty of this story and this woman is not to be told in only 90 minutes.

Still the movie gives a glance on her life from birth to the minute of leaving the white house. Focusing on the major events, and telling a remarkable story of a black woman who managed to pave her way despite all the adversities of our current world. Her journey is such a great victory for every woman, and it is definitely worth watching or reading if you are a book lover!

The Blind Side (2009)

The Blind Side

Not only a feel-good movie, but also one of the most inspirational and motivational movies of all times. 

The reason why it impacted me a lot is that it showed how much social classes and races mean nothing when we decide to stand together instead of against each other. 

This amazing story teaches us how everything gets better as long as we never give up or lose sight of why we started in the first place. Additionally, it shows how people are meant to support and lift each other, and how we thrive when we stand hand in hand. 

It is only a small list and there are many other motivational movies, so please share with us your favorite ones in the comments below. And tell us which one you are planning to watch soon!

Furkan Patan

Digital Marketer & Traveller. Blogger @HowToMotivateMe & @OlmeGormeden

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