How To Find What Your Passion Is?

If you knew what your passion is, everything would be perfect, right? Because passion is a spring that we, humans, need to move forward in life. Passion is the leader inside us that directs us towards our life goals. Without passion, we would be like a boat that loses its course. 

Unfortunately, like a good manager for your company, it is not that easy to find your passion right away. You need to look for it without getting bored until you find the best fit. But it will be worth the effort. Because finding something you are passionate about can shake things up.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


So, How to find what your passion is? Reading inspirational books, self-improvement podcasts, or watching TED Talks are something you can do to motivate yourself. But when it comes to finding your passion, I urge you to change your perspective and take your actions.

Even though this isn’t as easy as it sounds, like everything, there is a solution if you are willing to learn. In this article, first, I will give you some tips that will help you to find your passion.  Then, I’ll share what to do after you think you found your passion.

Let’s start with suggestions about finding your passion first.

In case you want to jump second part –> What After You Find Your Passion?


If you want to make something happen, first you need to believe. This is a rule that comes from the universe. When you start to believe in something, the universe will start to act in accordance. If you don’t trust me, you can try. It is free!

You can count this rule for finding what you are passionate about too. First thing first. If you want to find what your passion is, you should start to believe you will find what your passion is.

It is hard and most of the time exhausting. It is becoming more discouraging every day. I know. But this is the first cog in the wheel. It is not going to work if you stop believing.

So, don’t stop that you are going to find your passion. Today, or tomorrow. You can’t know. But one day, you will. This is certain. Follow your heart and see where you land.

Lookup To Your Childhood

Did you observe a child before? Did you notice they do what they want to do? They ask questions nonstop to learn the things they are curious about. They are consistent about trying something they want to do.

After the answer or experience, either they keep doing it or stop it according to their needs. I mean, I don’t know if any kid keeps touching an oven after they get hurt.

It seems like to me they figured out the secret of life. And when you think about that once we were kids too, it is a shame we forget this secret while we are growing up.

“Kids do what makes them alive in life without shame. They insist on it. They take what they want.”

So, even though you forgot that secret (like me), it is a good idea to look up your childhood to find some hints.

What was the thing you can’t get enough of when you were a kid?

Ask this question to yourself. Then, write down the things that come to your mind. As the last step, try them one by one to see if they are giving the same perfect feeling to you.

For me, it was playing football and basketball. I remember myself while I was playing football from 9 AM till 9 PM in the summer. And it goes the same for basketball.

I never managed to make these two hobbies to turn money, but I still keep creating my chances to play both to feel alive.

Look Over To Your Daily Routines

how to find your passion

In some cases, you don’t need to go back to your childhood. Sometimes the answers are at our elbows but we don’t notice them until we decide to look at them there. This might be the solution for you. There might be something you already love doing but you didn’t pay enough attention to.

So, look over to your daily routines. I bet you will see a bunch of things that you are already passionate about. Why don’t you turn one of them into your purpose in life? Even you can transform it into something you do for a living.

Find Things Make You Lose Track Of Time

Everyone has something that makes them lose track of time while doing it. Does this ring a bell for you? If it is, that might be the answer for you. Congrats, you are already halfway through finding your passion! There is only one thing you need to do.

You need to spend more time on it. No matter what makes you forget everything, you need to find a way to take that to the center of your life. This might be playing video games, walking on the street, taking photos of buildings, etc.

I can hear you saying;

“How can I spend more time on my hobbies while I have to work for a living?”

You know what, we are so lucky. We are in an age that you can make money from almost everything. I know people who are earning tons of money by playing video games.

Plus, you don’t have to earn money from your passion. At least, it doesn’t have to be your priority. If you are passionate about something money comes second anyway, and you will know this by heart.

Find Things You Can Commit

The opposite of the last one, sometimes your passion is hidden in things that are hard to do. But no matter how challenging they are, you are always willing to do them because they make you fulfilled. You can find these kinds of things by looking at things meaningful to you.

For me, this is “helping others”. I commit myself to help people on their self-improvement journey. Trust me, it is hard. There are times I want to stop helping people because of the struggles I am facing. But I never stop pushing myself to give people a helping hand.

Because this is important to me. Because when I see the improvement of that person with my eyes, that is satisfaction. I wouldn’t change that sense of fulfillment for anything else. This is my passion.

So, try to understand what makes you fulfilled, even though that thing is hard to do. What is the thing that you would never give up on? What is that thing that you are willing to put in hard work? What is that thing that you are ready to commit?

Find Things You Spend Hours

things you spent hours

Recently I found something that I am passionate about. I always knew that thing was important for me. But I didn’t notice until I faced it. It was minimalism. After I came across The Minimalists, I started to read their blog, listen to their podcasts. Then started to apply minimalism into my life.

Minimalism turned into something I spent an impressive amount of time in my life. I can say living a meaningful life with less is one of my passions now.

Is there anything that you can spend hours reading, watching, listening about? Is there anything that you can talk about and even defend to others for hours? Is there anything that you can spare time to show the meaning of it for you to people around you?

If the answer is yes, that thing might be what your passion is.

What Might Your Legacy Be?

When the time comes, many of us want to leave good memories behind us. Moreover, we want to be remembered for our good actions. We want to leave a legacy that will be remembered by people who know us. This could be your motivation towards life.

So, ask yourself this question. What are the things that you want to leave behind as memories to people? After you give your answer(s), you will see things you can be passionate about as long as you’ve got a pulse. 

Stop Thinking About Money

Money stands between us and our passions as an obstacle. Money is our biggest excuse to find and execute what we are passionate about. I am not saying money is not important. Yes, it is important. We need money to maintain our lives.


For a moment, stop thinking about money, and try to answer this question. What would you do if you have a nest egg? Would you travel the world? Would you make charity events? Would you run for 2 hours every day?

Answer this question and then stop complaining. You found what your passion is. Now it is time to make it happen. It is time to integrate your passion into your life in time.

There Are Lives Out There

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. You can find millions of resources out there that can help you to find your passion. People are already running after their dreams and one of them might be your true passion. You need to open your eyes.

So, expand your options. Check the ideas of other people on the internet, in the books, or in a street full of small stores. When you start to look at things around, you will find something that will make your heartbeat again.

Stop Doing Things You Don’t Love

don't do things you don't love

One of the best ways to reveal your passion is to stop doing things you don’t like to do. There is nothing wrong with trying something that you thought you might like. But once you realize it is not for you, you should stop doing it.

Letting them go will help you to find your real passion. Each event you quit will open a new space for something new that might be what you are passionate about.

Do It

To understand what your passion is, you should try. It is not going to happen if you keep talking but not taking any action. Taking action on your passion is free. Yes, it requires time but this is something that you can afford. Especially when you think many of us are wasting our time on social media nowadays.

So, do it. Jump the gun. Give it a try. See if you are passionate about it. If you are, perfect! You found something that will wake you up with motivation every day. If you are not, it is okay. You can move on and try something new that might wake you up with motivation every day. Keep the fire alive.

What After You Find Your Passion?

Let’s say you found something you think you are passionate about. You are pretty sure if you put that thing in the center of your life, it will always guide you right. You are impatient to give it a start and change everything.

I like your optimistic perspective. But I recommend you be careful at this point. I am not saying you should stop yourself from trying but it doesn’t make sense to jump in with both feet. Look before you leap, dip a toe.

So, What about after you find what your passion is? What you need to pay attention to understand if that is your true passion. Here are some steps:

Do Your Passion As A Side Job

I mentioned that money is something we need to maintain our lives. It has a crucial place (unfortunately). But, it is okay to get excited about your passion. I understand you want to quit your job, and want to do your passion for a living. But what if you are wrong? What if that was a phase?

There is one way to understand. Give it a try before you quit your job. After a while, if that thing keeps making you jump from bed, start searching for possibilities. that will create money earning opportunities for your passion.

After that point, prepare a plan. Try to do your passion as a side job for a while and build up the income for a few months to make up some savings. That money will help you after you quit your job.

If It Is A Hobby, Keep It As A Hobby

your passion is your hobby

You need to understand the difference between a hobby and a profitable passion. I am not saying don’t go after something that you like to do if it won’t earn you a living. What I am trying to say is you need to be careful before you decide to do your passion for a living.

For example, let’s say passionate about reading books. But this might not be the best thing that will help you to make business. So, it might be better if you decide to keep it as a hobby. But if you are passionate about writing, you can open a blog and monetize it.

Keep Researching For Possibilities

There is only one way to understand the previous step. You need to keep researching for possibilities. Even though you couldn’t find it at first glance, never stop looking for opportunities. Try to find out something that will help you to turn your passion into something profitable.

Let’s talk about the example I gave before. I said, reading books might not be something that you can monetize. But if you are willing to put in some extra work besides reading books, you can earn money from it. For example, you can open a video channel to criticize the books you read.


After you finish the first three steps, start practicing your passion, non-stop. Practicing is the magic that will help you to improve your quality of doing your passion. This is not valid only for physical activities. You can count this rule for everything.

For example, if you are passionate about teaching people, you need to practice your knowledge by reading, researching, watching, etc. 

Accept That It Is Going To Be Hard

No pain, no gain. Don’t fall into the trap that everything will be perfect after you find your passion. It is going to be hard. You will need to put in the effort like you never did before for anything. There will be times that you want to quit something you love doing.

To be prepared for this, accept that at the beginning: It is going to be hard. Convenience yourself, there is no way to quit. Keep trying.

This was all. I hope this article will help you to find what your passion is. There are other methods that you can try when it comes to finding what you are passionate about. If you have tried one of them before, share with us your experiences to support others in this adventure!

Furkan Patan

Digital Marketer & Traveller. Blogger @HowToMotivateMe & @OlmeGormeden

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