Why Am I So Unmotivated – Learn Why And How To Motivate Yourself Again

Why am I so unmotivated?” If you ever said this then hands up, you’re not alone.

Let me start with this quote from Zig Ziglar:

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Motivation is something we all struggle with. Some days it might be just there, but on other days it feels as if it is buried 7 feet underground. 

But as in Zig Ziglar quote. Motivation is something that must be pursued on a daily basis. 

Motivation in essence is the desire for a change. It is only when you feel that burning desire for something is when you move and start taking action. However, that disturbing feeling to get something done can be sometimes intimidating and hold us back. 

You must know that motivation cannot come alone, and definitely can’t be in one shape. Motivation interacts with purpose, values, goals, vision, and self-efficacy. 

Any lack of them will make you unmotivated, and any intensity of them will also make you unmotivated. 

Why Do You Feel Unmotivated? 

reasons cause lack of motivation

If you are setting a colossal amount of goals, then instead of having the motivation to go on hunting them, you will feel overwhelmed by them and fall into the “I have no motivation” trap.

Similarly, if you don’t know your purpose, just living day to day, paycheck to paycheck then it is totally understandable to be unmotivated. 

However, a lot of people go untroubled in life for not having bigger goals or purpose. Some feel quite content with it, some nag about how life is happening to them. The good news is that you are here. Feeling lack of motivation means you are sensing that something is off track.

Well, this type of stress is healthy, as long as it doesn’t linger there. It is what alarms you that something must change. 

So let’s dive deeper and understand why you are not motivated and how to get yourself out of the “I am so unmotivated” zone.

Question Your Surroundings

Lack of motivation is not only a personal thing. Everything around you, may it be your home or work environment, has a huge effect on your motivation level. 

It is important to question your environment and dig deep to understand if any of your surroundings can be the root cause. 

For example; our relationships inspire us, when we feel loved, understood, and appreciated for who we truly are we thrive and get more motivated. Similarly, if your workplace culture and vision align with yours, you will feel more empowered and will collaborate more.

Also, your surroundings might be places. Is your workplace or home have enough energy? For example; studies showed that we feel more energized and focused on spaces that have enough sunshine, plants, and good vibes.

Get clear on what is causing you this lack of motivation. And try to think of ways to improve it. Make sure that your lack of motivation is not something caused by external factors.

Bad Habits

Your life is your habits. Each habit you develop will bring consequences with it in the future. 

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habits is what keeps you going”

Jim Ryun

Habits like laziness, avoidance, and procrastination will bring you an unhealthy body and a lousy future. 

“If you don’t change you will become extinct”

Think of which habits you can change in order to achieve your ideal life. This can help you get more clear about where you want to be in the future. And when you have a clear vision of the path you would like to take, you will start building better habits that surely will motivate you to take actions.

Not Sure Of Your Ability To Achieve Something

Sometimes our main reason for feeling unmotivated is lack of self-empowerment. We want something, but not sure of our ability to achieve it. The following steps will help you build more self-confidence in your abilities:

1.Know yourself:

When you feel you lack control or power your motivation will be knocked down. Try to become more self-aware and understand why you feel this way. Analyze which area you think you have control over and which not. 

Understanding your actual limitations and capabilities will give you a better boost. 

2.Your goals:

Define what areas in your life means the most to you. And then start putting small goals to achieve them, learning how to set goals will help you accomplish things faster. Also, studies showed that when we set goals and track our progress our sense of motivation increases. 

3.Develop your skills:

After you have defined your limitations and goals. It is time to check if you have enough skills to achieve what you want. To not get overwhelmed, start with small steps and then level up gradually.

A huge part of our lack of motivation can come from how we communicate our goals to ourselves. If you don’t believe you have enough efficacy to achieve something, then most probably you won’t. 

Tip: To help yourself, provide some real examples of people who managed to achieve something similar to your goal or dream, this will provide more empowerment and motivation.

Overwhelmed By The Size Of The Goal

If you focus on 20 goals at the same time you will end up banging your head against the wall and become totally unmotivated to achieve any of them.

What you can do is identify the single most important goal to you. The goal that will contribute to a significant path you want to take in life. And then start by setting small steps, better to break them to daily, weekly, monthly actions. 

Think of it like this, if you are dreaming of having a one million dollars company that can influence millions of people. Then it is absolutely an amazing dream, but you can’t think of it right now. Now what you can do is to think of the next right step. 

Find all the things you need to learn, the odds are they are a lot. And then find who can work well with you to achieve the same vision and goal. 

How To Overcome Demotivation And Start Taking Actions

tips to overcome demotivation

Now after you take your time to contemplate on the previous key points and get to know your head really well, you can help yourself with these small steps on a daily basis. 

Remember any achievement is just a series of steps

Try Something New

Being unmotivated might simply be caused by the lack of experiencing new things. For example If your life revolves around work or it is extremely routined, then you will feel trapped and it gets hard to motivate yourself. 

What you can do is take on a new hobby. Start new lifestyle habits like cooking or exercising. There are many things that you can do outside of work or routine life. 

In fact, these kinds of activities increase your happiness level, which will empower you and make you more productive. Thus this new energy will transfer to your personal and work life.

Surround Yourself With People Who Share The Same Goals As You

Our families and close social circle can be very subjective. It doesn’t mean they don’t want the best for you, they do. But they can’t see things from your eyes. 

When you want to make real life changes, it is important to surround yourself with like-minded people. 

When you have a like-minded community, you will have people who share the same vision and goals with you, they won’t judge you, they will support you and also warn you about things you didn’t consider. 

All of these factors make you feel more motivated and more into taking actions and responsibilities. 

What Advice Would You Give To Others?

This is a very powerful technique that I like. 

Most of the time we get so stuck in our situation that we become limited and trapped inside our heads. 

To avoid this trap, imagine someone else having your situation, what kind of advice would you give to them? Best way to do this is to write it down.

This will take you away from the center to observe the situation from a bigger perspective. Also you will be surprised by the amount of solutions and support you would provide to your virtual friend. 

Now take all these advices and apply them in your life. You are your own best friend and first supporter. So use your own words to your own benefits. 

Start Taking Actions

“Actions proceed motivations”

This is a bit similar to the “Revise your habits” tip above. All you need to know is that motivation is a temporary state. 

It is the vision that keeps us going. And until now I hope you got to the understanding that motivation comes in the same package with setting goals, habits, and self discipline. 

So when you feel unmotivated instead of lingering in that state, help yourself to understand your values and what matters to you the most. Learn how to adopt new habits and how to set the right goals. 

Develop A Sense Of Autonomy 

We all have that urge to direct our own lives. But when we feel trapped or powerless or under the mercy of the external environment, it can hold us back and demotivate us. 

On the contrary, when you have a feeling that what you do can have an affect on the consequences you feel more motivated to take actions. 

So you have to develop the belief that it is you who is in charge of your own destiny. This self-reliance will make you feel accountable towards what kind of life you want to live, which in return will urge you to take actions.

Now that you have learned all of this let me give you some tips that will help you ride the motivation wave when it hits:

1.Social Media:

We are all prone to feel unmotivated when we see other people’s success. It makes us question ourselves and somehow makes us unsatisfied. 

Also, many studies showed that the use of social media contributed to less creativity and productivity. So a good action would be to start limiting your daily usage for different social platforms. 

2.Keep A Journal:

Write down your progress and the new habits that are making you feel better. This will help keep you on track. 


Take a few moments every day to imagine life as you want it to be. 

When we start something it is normal to feel highly motivated, but with time when things start to get hard, we need a reminder why we started. 

Keeping a journal and visualizing will help you foster your purpose and stick longer to it. 

4.Ask for help:

If you are starting something new it is normal to need help. Don’t adopt the mindset of “I can do it alone” being independent is nice but it is becoming an old fashion concept. What we need nowadays is more of interdependence. A sense of community and collaborative approach. 

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 

Finally, you need to know that it is totally fine to feel unmotivated. We all experience bad days or periods. What matters is that you are here, trying to figure it out. So whenever you find yourself feeling unmotivated come back to our guide and start taking small steps towards inspiring yourself. 

Furkan Patan

Digital Marketer & Traveller. Blogger @HowToMotivateMe & @OlmeGormeden

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